Why You Should Surprise Your Girlfriend with a Fake Diamond Ring


More than the fear of commitment, what makes men take their time before proposing to their girlfriends is the price of the engagement ring. And once they finally have the money to buy a decent engagement ring, they are now confused if their girlfriends will like it or not.

So, to be able to propose the soonest time possible, the best solution is to ask for her hand in marriage with a fake diamond ring. Here are other reasons why you should propose sooner with an imitation proposal ring.

You are not sure what kind of style she wants.

No matter how grand the ring would be if the wearer does not like it, it will defeat its purpose. It is like giving someone a gift that she will never think of using. No matter how expensive it is, the receiver will less likely appreciate it.

If you search the internet for engagement or wedding-related forum, you can read message boards with women airing their disappointments and frustrations over the ring their fiancés gave them. Most of the common complaints include the ring not fitting correctly, the ring being too old fashioned, not flattering the woman’s finger shape, with stones that are too small, and so on. The list of complaints goes longer.


So, instead of giving the most special woman in your life something that she will not be happy about, why not buy a fake one first and get her another one later? If she is pleased with the fake ring that you gave her, you can choose a real one with the same design then. Or, you can shop for a ring that she will genuinely like together.


A ring that can help you stage a surprise proposal

The main reason for the creation of fake engagement rings is to have a ring that one can use during surprise proposals. This ring is the guy’s way of saying, “I want to be with you forever, and our journey together starts now.”

 The question “will you marry me?” may be short and simple, but to a man who is making one of the most important decisions of his life, these words can quickly turn him into a massive ball of jitters. You cannot blame them for feeling that way because the answer will not always be yes. He can get rejected, and the mere thought of such rejection can already be nerve-racking.


And not only that, if he is planning to propose before their families, friends, and loved ones, he also needs to tell these special people one great story. This can add to all the pressure he is already feeling. So, to make a proposal seamless and less stressful for the guy, he must get everything ready before the proposal plan.


If you still have not enough money to save for a decent and real engagement ring, you can always “secure your spot in her life” the soonest time possible with a fake diamond ring. Through this, you would not have to keep her hanging and waiting for a long time before you can promise her forever. It is hard to tell your woman that the reason why you cannot propose is that you do not have money for a ring. Aside from being a lame excuse, it sends a message that you are not serious and sure with her. To keep her from having those thoughts, propose sooner with a fake ring. You can always get her a ring later.


You can buy what ring she wants.

If you are ready to buy a real engagement ring, you can bring your fiancé to your trusted jeweler and have her choose the ring that she truly wants. Aside from getting everything perfect, you will not have to waste your money and time on expensive rings that she will find unpleasant. Plus, she can still keep the fake ring and use it as her travel ring to keep the real and costly one safe even if you are trekking in the Himalayas or snorkeling in Boracay.


If you found the one that you want to share your life with, do not let them wait. If you are sure about the person, go ahead and put a ring to it.