Why Should You Avoid Shock Collars?

When you’re looking for ways to train your dog, you might get different kinds of recommendations from experts and amateurs alike. Many of them might suggest utilizing shock collar therapy to train your dog into submission.

If you haven’t heard of a shock collar, it’s a collar that can give electric shocks to your dog as a way of discouraging a particular action. When you’re not aware of shock collar side effects and how your dog will suffer from it, keep on reading.

Damages Your Bond

Getting a dog can be a memorable time in any dog owner’s life, and when you’re looking to create a lifetime bond with your dog, a shock collar is a cruel way to go. It can end up making your dog scared of you and even downright terrified at times.

If you’re looking forward to cultivating a healthy bond with your dog, you should stay away from items and tools that can make your dog feel hesitant to be friendly with you. Don’t damage your bond with your dog for the sake of them learning how to submit to you.

Causes Long-Term Harm

Using a shock collar can cause serious side effects in your dog over time. From getting regular tremors to even developing depression, there are many illnesses and ailments your dog could get.

A shock collar doesn’t have a controlled voltage, and depending on the size and breed of your dog, they could get physically harmed when a shock collar is continually being used. When you want your dog to live a long and healthy life, getting a shock collar is the last thing you should do.

Not Recommended By Experts

Whether you speak to a dog trainer or a vet, likely, none of them will ever recommend a shock collar to you. After being thoroughly studied for years in controlled settings, many experts now agree that shock collars do more harm than good to your dog.

You can approach an expert and ask for their in-depth advice when it comes to shock collars. Not only will they tell you what a shock collar does to your pet, but shock collar side effects that can end up having a permanent effect on their quality of life as well.

Alternative Methods Available

There are many methods available today when you’re looking to train your dog. From getting them enrolled in a pet school to using a clicker, you could utilize different, less painful methods for both your dog and you.

Finding alternative methods will ensure that your dog doesn’t get harmed and results in the same type of obedience that you would expect through shock collar training. You can consult a pet training specialist about alternative methods to train your dog.

Not Humane

At the end of the day, you want to be as humane to your pet as possible. Your dog is someone who will be staying in your home for a long time, and you don’t necessarily want to be cruel to them for no reason.

When you’re looking to be humane and kind to your dog, it’s best to not even think about getting a shock collar for them. Ensure that your dog is healthy and happy always when you’re not using a shock collar on them.