Why Floral Paintings Should be Your Next Collection


Do you feel like you have to add life to your bland room? If you want to start a collection of artworks, scouting for floral paintings is an excellent way to start. Aesthetically-speaking, flower paintings can brighten up any space.

They are easy to look at and can effortlessly make someone feel at ease. These paintings also give a light atmosphere to any room since they offer a taste of the natural world. However, aside from their visual impact, there are more reasons why they should be your choice of décor. Here are some of them:

Health benefits

Paintings of flowers have been known to make people happier. It has been found that when you see a work of art, mainly if it depicts something from nature, your cortisol level will tend to go down.

Cortisol is the body’s built-in alarm system since it is the hormone in the body, which indicates how stressed the person is. Aside from the reduction of the cortisol level, another hormone that gets impacted when you look at beautiful flower pictures is your endorphin.

Endorphins are the feel-good hormones that provide feelings of positivity and happiness. Additionally, floral art also increases dopamine, which improves introspection, self-monitoring, and memory. These physiological effects make flower paintings not just beautiful to look at, but helpful for your overall health as well.

Rich art history

Being surrounded by floral art is such a rewarding feeling. However, this form of artwork did not just appear out of the void. While artists have incorporated this subject into their work throughout history, it was not until the 16th century when it started getting the attention of many painters.

French artists were the ones who started taking this form of art to the mainstream. Some of these painters were Monet, Sisley, Gaugin, Chardin, Renoir, and Van Goh.

Floral paintings are said to be the reason for the Impressionism movement. Artists who were exploring the production of still life naturally turned to flowers as their subjects. Eventually, still-life paintings expanded into landscape art, but flowers remained to be a favorite theme for many Impressionists.

Not just an ordinary art form

Though flowers appear mundane to many, painting them can be difficult. This is because their structures are very complicated. Additionally, floral colors are translucent and luminescent at the same time. Another problem is that the flowers are ephemeral.


They do not always maintain a fresh look. This can be very difficult for serious painters who painstakingly take days or weeks to finish an artwork. Taking a picture of them might help, but it would not be the same since cameras cannot wholly capture their color and texture.

Due to these technicalities, always dismiss the comments of those who say that flower paintings are not worth your investment; they do not understand the intricacies involved in producing a floral work of art.

Floral paintings are not just a beautiful addition to your space; they also offer numerous health benefits. Additionally, having them in your collection shows your deep appreciation for beauty, nature, and real art. Simple as they may seem upon initial viewing, they hold intricacies that unfold in more detail the more you look at them.