Why do Organic Skin Care Products Cost More?



When you look at the store shelves, you can see the difference in the cost of natural skincare products compared to synthetic brands. You may think that it is merely a marketing tactic so that makeup companies can command a higher price.


But there are a variety of reasons why an organic foundation, lipstick, or any other skincare product is priced higher than your garden variety makeup.


In recent years, people have become more aware of the dangers of synthetic chemicals not just on their skin, but on the environment, as well. According to a consumer research survey, almost seven in ten consumers of ages eighteen to twenty-nine years old prefer organic skin care products as opposed to synthetic. The demand is forcing beauty brands to embrace all-natural in their makeup lineups.


Going back to the question, why do they cost more?


Here are some of the reasons:


  1. They are cruelty-free – It is one of the darkest secrets of the beauty industry. To make sure that the ingredients in synthetic skincare products are safe for use, they get tested on animals. Unlike the European Union, the United States does not ban the procedure. However, with organic products, you can be sure that companies do not endanger animals in the process of making the products safe for people. This reason alone should be enough for you to make the switch.


  1. Production is limited – Because synthetic chemicals can be grown in the lab, companies can afford to produce artificial products in mass quantities. It is not possible with an organic foundation, for instance, because the ingredients are much harder to harvest. More often than not, the products are handcrafted, which also demands a longer production time.


  1. They last longer – Because the products are all-natural, your liquid foundation tends to last longer compared to the synthetic brand. Each of the organic products has a higher concentration of the active ingredient. It means fewer applications on your face as the makeup does not wear as much. It is also sensitive to your skin, which means less breakouts even if you wear the product for the whole day and night.


  1. They undergo certification – A company cannot claim that its products are organic unless it undergoes a long-process of accreditation. Government regulatory agencies will review the process – from the source of raw materials, collection of ingredients, manufacturing process, as well as shipping and delivery. It is a time-consuming process, not to mention expensive. And it is one of the reasons why organic skincare products are more expensive.


  1. They contain more nutrition and essential oils – The synthetic products contain preservatives, emulsifiers, and fragrances that will mask the effectiveness of the natural oils. These natural oils serve as the primary nutrition of the skin. They should be highlighted, as in the case of organic products, and not diminished.


It is not a question of whether organic skincare is more expensive. The most important question is, can you afford to expose your skin to toxic chemicals? Is the need to save a few bucks  sufficient reason? When you weigh the benefits and risks, it is clear that natural beauty products are the way to go.