Where to download karaoke songs!

Selectatrack is the world’s number one karaoke and backing track website.  Based in the UK they have over 150,000 karaoke songs available to download from all of the major karaoke manufacturers such as Mr Entertainer and SBI Multiplex.   Karaoke songs cost as little as £2 each and can either be downloaded or placed on a CD+G & DVD disc so that you can take your songs with you wherever you go.

Karaoke IdolSelectatrack have a wide variety of songs available for you to use.  In order to ensure you find the songs that you want fast, Selectatrack gives you the option of searching for your karaoke song by title, artist, album title or genre; so whether you are looking for Motown or Boy bands you will quickly be able to find the right songs for you and with option of a 30 second video clip of each track you’ll ensure that your karaoke download is perfect.

Selectatrack give you the option to have your karaoke songs in four different formats; MP3+G, MP4, CD+G or DVD.  All of the lyrics are supplied and certain karaoke downloads are now available in stunning high definition with amazing high quality graphics and backgrounds.

It’s easy to order, simply go to www.selectatrack.com, choose your format, select your tracks and checkout, all major credit/debit cards are accepted alongside PayPal.  Selectatrack pride themselves on getting orders despatched quickly and your CD+G or DVD will be with you in one to three working days with delivery costs of just £1.50 in the UK, regardless of how many discs you purchase in that transaction.  If you choose to download your karaoke songs then they will be available instantly, the link will stay active for 48 hours so make sure you don’t forget to download your tracks.

Looking to get a large number of songs at an affordable price?  Then the karaoke songs Starter Packs might be for you.  There are eight different packages from top manufacturers Mr Entertainer and SBI with prices to suit all budgets.  These starter packs give you a wide mix of old and new karaoke downloads in MP3+G format, perfect for home parties or a professional setup.  Selectatrack is an approved licensee of the Mechanical Copywrite Protection Society (MCPS), meaning that all of the tracks that you choose are fully endorsed by the manufacturer and are sold with their permission to use at home or commercially subject to the venue having the correct Public Performance licences.

Party lacking punch?  Why not try the karaoke streaming option?  Transform your PC or laptop into the ultimate karaoke machine, choose your songs and stream to instantly turn that drab party into a karaoke dream. With specialist Karaoke software you can even create your very own touchscreen Karaoke system with you tablet or smartphone.

So if you have a budding Adele at home or you know someone who loves to sing along to a bit of Queen in the car then Selectatrack is your answer to the perfect gift.