What to Consider When Buying a Recliner?


Recliners have become popular all around the world since their inception. The features that most of them provide are incomparable to our regular chairs. They are usually designed with our comfortabily in mind and that is why most people prefer them to regular chairs. But before you could enjoy these wonderfully built chairs, you first need to buy them and before you buy them you need to know what to consider. 

Here are some factors you should look at before purchasing a recliner:


Recliner prices can start from as low as $99 for a bean bag type and rise to as high as $2000. While shopping for recliners, you will notice that they are not priced within the same range as your typical chair. This is often because the work put into place to design them is far greater than that used to make normal chairs. As a buyer you always want to get value for money when buying anything and that is why it is advisable to save up enough money so that you do not have any regrets later. An amazing recliner would range between $800 and $2000. Features and customization play a huge part in determining the price of a recliner and so the more features you want, the more money you might need to spend.


Before buying a recliner you first need to assess the room you are going to place it.

This is a very important factor because recliners are usually larger than regular chairs. The space should be big enough to allow you to recline your chair to its maximum without hitting anything behind or in front of you. A recliner for sleeping, for example, is usually designed to extend fully in order to allow you to sleep comfortably, for that reason such a recliner would require a lot of space and hence the reason why space should be a vital factor.


Everyone has their own taste and preference when it comes to the material of a chair. Recliners come in a number of different materials leaving you spoilt of choice. However, most of the materials used are sub-categories of either leather or fabric. So we will focus our attention on the two.

  • Leather recliners

If you are looking for a recliner for back pain, then leather might be a good material to consider for your recliner. This is because they are known to help people suffering from chronic diseases such as joint and back pains. Other advantages for using a leather recliner include; Durability and the ease with which you can clean them. Some disadvantages you may encounter might be; they are uncomfortable when the house environment is warm and they can be scratched by cats or children hence damaging them.

  • Fabric recliners

If leather is not your ideal recliner material, then fabric can be a great option to consider. They come in a variety of categories and are very comfortable as well. It is important to ensure that the color and pattern you select blends well with your room. The fact that fabric can easily be stained is perhaps the biggest disadvantage of such recliners.

Type of Recliner

We can categorize recliners into manual and electric. Electric recliners have an electric motor that allows you to adjust the position of the recliner whereas manual recliners use a lever which is usually placed at the sides to adjust the position of the recliner. Electric recliners are more modern and easier to use but are more expensive and require more maintenance. Recliners can further be sub-divided according to features or customization. Here, you can choose between the two position recliner, the rocker recliner and the push-back recliner or the bean bag.


We can go on and on about cost, material and space but eventually it all boils down to your personal comfort.

You should choose a chair that provides you with maximum comfort after a long hard day at work. This can only be done by testing and that is why we advise that you first take a seat on the recliner you want to buy and just enjoy the feeling for a moment. If it meets your need in terms of comfort, then check the other factors and make your final decision.


Given the above factors you should now be able to select the best recliner for yourself, family or friends. If you want to buy one for a friend or family, you might want to let them accompany you because your ideal form of a comfortable recliner may not be similar to theirs.