Are you social influent? What does it mean?

Any blogger, knows now the importance of social networking. Writing a blog post should only take half the time dedicated to successful blogging. The other half must be dedicated to sharing the new content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many others, relating with other social media users, reading and commenting on the blog posts that leave you with a good impression. All this is time consuming but well worth it as you get to increase your social circles and learn something new everyday.

Now here’s the good news: There is a new networking site that any blogger with monetizing intentions should know about and be part of. Sverve is a Pinterest style networking site that not only facilitates sharing your blog content with other bloggers, increasing your audience and your social impact, but also acts as a gateway for PR reps, and other advertisers that are looking to hire bloggers and publishers for writing reviews, sampling products, give opinions.

On Sverve, you’ll have all the fun that you have on Pinterest and while you’re at it, you’ll get endorsements on your areas of influence that will increase your attractiveness for advertisers and job offers.

Here’s how It Works:

On Sverve, aka Social Verve you’ll unleash your social verve and manage your social media influence effectively. Sverve gives you an interesting platform to highlight your areas of expertise and earn the credit you deserve.


Start in 5 easy steps:

  • Sign up now for an account with Sverve
  • Add up to 5 areas of influence on your profile – think them well as you’ll be stuck with them
  • Browse through the hundreds of image based links to real blogposts from other sverve users and should you find anything interesting: like it, add it to favorites, endorse it, follow the author.
  • Share some of your own blog posts as tips.
  • Be active – and in no time you’ll get other Sverve users to follow you, endorse you and comment on your shares or tips. This will also increase your Influence Score.  You will have a score for each area of influence as well as an overall score. Aim for a High Score as this will give you a spot on the leader board and will make you more likely  to be hired.

Do not simply wait for job offers to show up in your inbox. You’ll find that under campaigns, there is also a list of job opportunities already waiting for you: from writing reviews and sharing news with your social circles and blog readers to sampling products ans services, there is something for everyone in there. Read, think whether you’ll enjoy the job or not and apply if desired. That Simple.

One of these job opportunities has been writing this blog post. I will be compensated $2 for each reader that goes on to become a Sverve Social Influencer. Don’t worry: Joining is free and there’ll be no expenses on your part on Sverve. 


My free piece of mind about Sverve: Great place to spend some time when you lack inspiration, and more importantly when you doubt the quality of your blog posts. Share them and other bloggers’ comments and endorsements are guaranteed to pick you up. In addition all the time spent on Sverve will increse your  Social Influence Score – a very worthwhile pass time I think.

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