Weight Loss Supplement

Here at nipnoos.com, we like to keep our weight under control, therefore we include in our diet, healthy ingredients (green tea, Chia seeds, cocoa nibs, sometimes we even go as far as indulging in red wine and  dark chocolate. Today’s guest blogger is sharing with us some helpful tips ans testimonials on LeptiBurn™ – the weight loss supplement. 

“LeptiBurn™ by BioTrust Nutrition is a weight loss supplement which helps in increasing leptin levels, a hormone responsible for control of other weight loss hormones. LeptiBurn simulates body to naturally increase levels, by using active ingredients of natural origin. It contains only extracts of herbs and plants such as olive leaf, brown seaweed, green tea, yerba mate, and so on. These herbs have antioxidant and anti-hypertensive properties, while fibers and green tea additionally help loosing weight by natural way. This product isn’t a magic weight loss solution, people using LeptiBurn are still suggested to keep up with physical activities and taking care of food intake.”

Also, use free weight loss goal calculator to know how long it will take to reach your healthy weight loss goal corresponding to different weight loss target dates.

Leptiburn Testimonials

Testimonial 1 :  Ever since I was young I had a really hard time controlling my appetite, no matter where I was or what I was doing I was always hungry and it really made me gain weight. I tried all of the diets and even contemplating going for surgery since I was over 300 pounds and 19 years old, fortunately I found Leptiburn and now I can happily say the pounds are coming off. It wasn’t easy but Leptiburn helped me curb the constant snacking so my body could start shedding the execess pounds, it you are like I was tired of fighting the fridge do yourself a favour and give Letiburn a try.

Testimonial 2 :  Since having our first baby I have been battling with my weight, it seems like I would lose a pound or two then gain it back plus more. While I tried dieting I was always hungry and nursing the baby put a heavy toll on my body.  My doctor told me that I should try using Leptiburn after my baby stopped nursing and boy has it helped me drop the baby weight. I am now back to the size I was in highschool and my husband is all smiles again !

Testimonial 3 :  I was a nervous reck, my sister was getting married and I was really overweight, I figured that starving myself was the only way to lose weight but even that wasn’t working because I woudl binge eat a few days into the diet.  My friends at work were telling me about how Leptiburn helped them lose weight so I figured I would give it a shot. I can finally fit into the bridesmaid dress and should lose even more weight because I can do something I couldn’t do before, control my appetite.

Testimonial 4 : The doctors told me if I didn’t start losing weight soon I would have to go for gastric bypass surgery which terrified me. I really did try to follow the doctor’s instructions to get more exercise but I am an emotional eater and was constantly hungry so my physician suggested I speak with a therapist to find out whether my eating habits were emotionally influenced. During the conversations with the therapist I was able to work through some serious emotional challenes and at the same time the therapist recommended Leptiburn to help curb my appetite. It has been 1 year since then and I am no longer a candidate for gastric bypass because I have lost nearly 50 pounds and continue to lose weight.

Testimonial 5 :  Since starting menopause I couldn’t stop eating and I had no energy to do any exercise at all so I spent my entire day eating and into the night. The more I ate the more depressed I felt so I ate to relief the stress which made me even fatter. I was in need of help and that is where Leptiburn came and saved my life, we all go through menopause but if you are trying to control your weight then you need to use Leptiburn it helped me it can help you.”

What’s your secret for keeping in shape? Care to share?