Vacation house essentials that make your holiday more pleasant

Even the most articulated vacation plans can sometimes be dashed by forgetting essential items. Essential items of basic comfort are the most likely to be overlooked, and when this happens, trust me you are on the part to total frustration on that trip especially if you have no way to get them again.

To help you enjoy your vacation the best way you can, we have come up with this handy list to ensure you never have to go through that again. This list of vacation house essential will ensure the awful scenario of regrets, naggings and saying things like, “If only I had remembered this or that” will be avoided.


One of the most essential items to bring along on vacation are batteries, ironically, they are also the most likely to be forgotten. Before you ever start packing up for vacation, ensure you find/buy enough batteries for small electronics and camera to avoid regrets.

First aid kit,

This includes; including gas-relief tablets, antacid, antidiarrheal medicine, antihistamine for allergies, bandages, candied ginger for motion sickness, mild laxative, and non-aspirin pain reliever, and a thermometer in a hard case. Trust me, in an unfortunate event of an accident you are going to thank me for this.




Insect repellent

Vacation houses are often infested with insects like roaches and bug, this is because nobody has stayed there for a while. You need to bring along an insecticide so you can fumigate the house else you are in for a lot of insect troubles.

Portable Dishwashers

Trust me, you don’t want to hand wash the dishes when you are on vacation. One easy way to not get stuck up with lots of dirty dishes and glasses when on vacation is to pack-up a handy dishwasher. This also applies to sandwich makers and the rest. Ensure the dishwasher in question is portable. You do not want to go around carrying a humongous sized dishwasher.

Personal-hygiene items

Of course, these are the easiest to remember. But sometimes, you might forget the most essential pieces of personal hygiene hence, it very important to make a list of personal hygiene items you need for the vacation and pack according to that list.


Often time’s people get so carried away, they forget the most essential items to pact during a vacation like your prescription drugs. Forgetting this item is not only bad but could be life-threatening as well. If you are on a strict prescription that should be the first thing in your travel luggage before the skirts and suits. Forgetting your prescription will definitely make your vacation unpleasant.


Imagine going on vacation, and you do not have sunscreen, that vacation is as good as over because you do not want to come back looking like a roasted turkey. Sunscreen can be pack alongside your makeup and the rest of it. Adding a sunscreen will sure make your vacation more pleasant.

Cash, ATM cards, and traveler’s checks

I have seen cases of people forgetting to take along case and their payment means while on vacation. This often happens when you leave the vacation preparation to someone else. To avoid getting stranded or in debt, ensure you tucking your cards into your luggage on time before you wish you had. Having them around will surely make your vacation more pleasant.

Chargers for your cell phone, camera, video camera, and laptop

These are the most essential items to remember to make your vacation house more pleasant. To avoid being in the dark with no mean of connectivity during your vacation remember to park up these items, they will surely make your vacation pleasant.