Using Yoga To Open Up Your Chakras For Health

Although many practise Yoga for relaxation or leisure, there are some hidden secrets that many might not be aware of. And one of those important points is that it faciliates the flow of “prana”, which is also known as the lifeforce of the body. And the stronger the flow, the easier it is for your body to open up its Chakras, which in turn does 2 things:

1) It can increase blood flow all over the body, and in that region of the chakra. This allows for powerful healing of any ailments in that area.

2) It connects your spiritual body to your life force which can help you become aware of any toxic or unbalanced energies – both physically and meta-physically The life force is all within us. It is all around us. In Chinese esoteric terms they refer to this as “Chi”. At its most dense level we could say that it relates to the blood flow — or the energy which governs that flow. One main problem is that with today’s stresfful living, we get blockages in this flow of Chi. And these blockages can come in many forms.

A great read would be the site, which states that some blockages are primarily are from food, our thoughts, or more importantly our emotional states. Thus is is highly important that we remain tranquil in our minds, even during stressful moments. We may not always realize it, but these things can creeup on us and have a negative affect on our physical health. And the more we keep these negative energies inside, the more hold they have of us. A simple neck strain may feel like it is not a big deal at first. But if we can not release the tension it can turn to bigger problems, like headaches, sleep disturbances, and more.

And now in 2019, there are many things like Yoga, Chi Kung, and other meditative practices that all aim to achieve the full relaxation of the body, to facilitate healing. And here is the great thing, the real healing is done in our sleep. It is during this time that growth hormone secrets from the Pineal gland, which is what governs the healing and rebuilding of the bodies tissues. So no good sleep = no good body. But the key to good sleep is complete relaxation — internal relxation. And this is exactly why things like Yoga can be so beneficial to us. If you can achieve relxation during the day, you will get good sleep at night, which will restore your physical body, which will in turn give you a tranquil mind. And it is only then you can embark on more spiritial practises which essential require a fully tranquil mind.

The next time you contemplate on relaxation and stretching excercise, I urge you to pay attention to some of these things written here. Because the more aware you are, the more effective your excercises will be. The mind-body connection is real. Focus on the energy flowing in your body, and try and feel if there are any blockages that might be causing hinderance to its flow.