Understanding The Background Of Men’s Casual Fashion Tips




Fashion is no longer something reserved for women. In modern world, it is just as important for men to keep up with the trends and stay fashionable. In this article I will give you few casual fashion tips that might take your looks to a higher level.

First off, it’s not all about clothes.

Before you rush shopping for fancy outfits, take a good look in the mirror first. Beards are the new black in 2017, but only when they are well kept and clean. If you don’t feel comfortable with brush and straight razor, do not worry. There are dozens of barber shops that will help you achieve that rugged lumberjack look in no time.


‘Fit’ is not only for athletes

Whether it’s a pair of jeans or a sweater, you don’t want it sagging and dangling. Clothing is supposed to wrap around your posture nicely, creating aesthetic look and enhancing your natural assets.


  • Important note for large guys out there:

No, loose clothes don’t look good on you. Big men tend to believe that wearing clothes many sizes too big will somehow hide their physique. But the truth is, all bulges and wrinkles will only look worse. Go with the regular fit, there is no reason to hide your posture anyway.


Rebel against trends

Yes, you read that right. Keeping up with what’s hot and being stylish are two different things. Remember, that the most important thing when clothing is choosing what is suitable for you and for your physique. And some trend might just not make the cut. Same thing with famous brands, you don’t need to spend all your money on a designer t-shirt to look great. Try to stick to the timeless basics first, then think about adding a flair.


Stay wary of your surroundings

You may look great in your clothes, but are those clothes suitable for the occasion? Remember to dress accordingly to your environment. Not only to avoid fashion crime, but to steer clear of a serious faux pas. As much as I understand the need of putting on that new, flashy jacket, it will look a bit ridiculous during a serious business meeting.


Sit at the grown-ups table

I know, you love that “Kiss the cook” t-shirt, and your old sneakers have sentimental value. But it is time to move forward. All funny and childish clothes are off limits if you want to look fashionable.

So, next time when you are shopping think more Ralph Lauren than another t-shirt with your beloved rock band logo.


Keep it simple

That just might be the most crucial advice. Although layering clothes and adding accessories is a good idea, don’t overdue it, or you’ll end up looking like a carnival attraction. Especially when you don’t have lots of experience in mixing and matching clothes, it is important to know where to stop. Just try to find your middle ground.



Learn from the best

As long as you are not mimicking their style, there is nothing wrong with observing and analyzing well dressed men. This might give you an inspiration you need to create your own, unique style. Also, don’t be afraid to ask. If you have a friend or relative that looks great, just talk to them. Maybe ask him for some tips, or, even better, to go shopping with you.


Devil is in the details

It is all about those little things. Once you achieved your desired look, it’s time to add finishing touches. A wrist watch, scarf or a hat. Those things may elevate your game even higher. Also, never forget about importance of your shoes. They always need to be kept clean and sharp-looking.


When else fails, ask for help

You don’t need to know everything. Especially if you are new to fashion world. So, socialize- As mentioned before, go out shopping with somebody who will give you an honest opinion regarding your look. Search for information online, as a multitude of valuable articles is out there.


Finishing touch

Gradually, your fashion sense will improve. It is a long process, and it won’t happen overnight, but it’s worth the struggle. As you start to look better, you will notice how people attitude towards you changes. Because, as bad as it may sound, we do judge others by their appearance. And if you want to be treated seriously, you have to look that way.

Besides, trust me, this is fun. Once you learn how to combine clothes, colors and accessories, a whole multitude of new possibilities will open before you. Old pair of jeans and a baggy t-shirt will just look ugly and mundane to you.


So, until than, learn as much as possible. Start paying attention to what other men wear, search for some knowledge online, and experiment. World of fashion is a big place, and whatever are you preferences- You will find a perfect spot for yourself.