Two Tweety Birds fighting to tweet your content for free

The nice weather calls for long walks and time spent outdoors and away from your blog.

But who’s going to promote your blog posts, who’s going to remind your twitter followers that you’ve written that super duper article on life with kids (or whatever that may be) some 8 months ago?

The answer is … two little chatty birds are fighting for the job: Tweet Old Post and Tweetily.

birds, tweeting, fight, plugin

Simply go to your WordPress dashboard/ Plugins/ Add New and search for Tweet Old Posts.

You’ll find many candidates.

I tried Tweet Old Post and Tweetily so far and I am pleased with both of them and they both do pretty much the same kind of job: they promote and share your old content on Tweeter while you’re away from your blog.

All you have to do is install the plugin, connect the service to your tweeter account, set how often you want your posts/pages to be tweeted, whether you want an URL shortener to be used or not, any hash tags, set the time, number of tweets, and the type of content to share and you’re good to go. The lucky plugin will do the rest for you while you’re out enjoying the nice weather.

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