Travel guide to Baska Voda, Croatia

Baska Voda is a little town and harbor just 9 kilometres north of Makarska and just south of Brela. It’s a simple day trip from Split but it’s also a fantastic vacation spot in its own right. Most people want to socialize on the beach but you can as well do some enjoyable walks, mostly to close-by Biokovo Nature Park. Baska Voda is one of the most gorgeous towns in the seaside Croatia. It has this distinctive flavor of the past mixed with modern. Positioned nicely on small peninsula with shiny and polished stone streets it is somehow built to fit human needs. It is an old place charming in different seasons. Sacred arts, from architecture to liturgical objects are so rich and plentiful that even in repeated visits you will discover something brand-new.

Baska Voda is the modern-day traveler destination, a country which offers something for everybody and which is home to hotels, restaurants and activities catering for all needs and wants. For those hankering after an unaffected vacation destination near house, Baska Voda is simply under two hours far from the Split International Airport by car.

While you could wish to stay on a budget while in Baska Voda, you will have to conduct a lot of study and be very sure of the place you wish to book. On the other hand you can just book one of the exclusive hotels and resorts in Baska Voda, and felt confident your journey will be a enjoyment. If Baska Voda sounds interesting to you, then booking a vacation for you and your family could not be easier. Booking apartments in Baska Voda is easy task and the best place to begin is finding a appropriate holiday rental business on the internet. Baska Voda area offers a variety of accommodation choices: camps, private rooms, apartments, cheap hostels and boutique hotels. There are numerous excellent camping areas on the coast. Nevertheless, wild camping is not permitted, especially on the islands. Private lodging is progressing in popularity and can be booked over the Internet. Booking private lodging, you normally reserve just over night because most of private accommodation owners do not offer morning meal and other dishes. Hotels have great requirements. For details of available hotels and apartments in Baska Voda please use this link.

Croatia has 3 climate zones; the prevailing climate in the country’s interior is moderately rainy. On the highest peaks, a forest climate with snow falls, while the areas along the Adriatic coast have a pleasantly mild Mediterranean climate with a number of sunny days. Summers are dry and hot and winters are mild and wet with significant rainfall.