Top Secrets to Straightening Your Hair by Hair Tools without Heat


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Straightening hair without heat, is it possible? Yes, it is! Here are five secrets to straightening hair by flat iron heat-free:

1) Use shampoo and conditioner purposely made for straight hair. By using shampoo for straight hair, you will initially get the straighter hair you want in the first place. And to get as much moisture as possible, post-wash. Apply a smoothing cream or a leave-in conditioner to prepare the hair. For the final touch, apply to smooth serum or natural oil.    


2) Use an ultra-absorbent towel. The fabric of the towel must be cotton or the wicks type, one that can absorb water quickly. It works best for fine to medium wavy hair texture. Use more than one dry towel. Gently dab the wet hair and never twist the hair while wet. Let the hair loose for a few more minutes. This can remove excess water. When the first used towel is soaked up, use the next dry one. In this way, the hair will be quickly dried the natural way.

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3) Keep brushing hair while wet. Brush wet hair downwards. Every few minutes pull hair tightly with hands until the hair dries up. This is for naturally wavy hair. To smooth things out, finish off with pomade or oil at the ends. Start using the Wet Brush if you are unsure of what brush to use. I think you know it is possible to straight hair with a flat iron, here is the guide.

4) Wrap wet hair around the head overnight. The process is done by drying hair with cold air until it is almost dry. Grab sections, pin them and wrap them all around your head. Secure it with large bobby pins. Put a cardboard type material under the pins so there won’t be dents. The next morning, you will find out straight and silky hair.

5) Use a cold air setting. Not all dryers produce heat. Others are made to give off cold air. Combine the cold air dryers with a brush and the fingers to smoothen or straighten the hair out. Use coconut oil after it completely dries. Natural oil can relax hair cuticle and thus eliminate frizz.

You will be amazed at how shiny, straighter your hair will be without the help of heat.