Top Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

She or he, which will it be? This is the most common on the minds of people when they attend a gender reveal party. Another important thing in mind is the food. As a parent, you may be too excited about knowing your baby’s gender to care about food, but your guests may feel different.

As is the case with every party, food is a crucial part of the party experience for your guests. Here are some top-notch food ideas for your gender reveal party.

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Cake – Can you forget it?

Cakes are considered the prime food item in gender reveal parties. You can either bake it or order it online. Disclosing a baby’s gender with a cake is straightforward. As you cut the cake, the inside reveals either pink or blue color, and therefore, the child’s gender.

Cupcakes – Baby cakes?

Cupcakes are also a popular food idea for gender reveal parties. They are smaller and lighter, so no one feels too full. Besides, you can also make a small gender reveal game out of cupcakes.

You can fill in the cupcake with blue or pink and ask your guests to guess the gender of the baby. Once everyone has guessed, you can distribute the cupcakes, and when everyone bites in, they’ll know if they were right or wrong. You can then give prizes to everyone who guessed correctly to make it more fun.

Cotton Candy – A great idea!

Not easy to make at home, but you can still buy it. As it comes in both pink and blue hues, it makes for an ideal gender reveal celebration. You may take a photo where you are holding pink or blue cotton candy, or you may ask your guests to choose the color according to their best guess.

Colored Popcorn – You bet it’s impressive

Tell the world about the gender of your baby with colored popcorns. Spray food color over freshly prepared popcorn and serve it to your guests. They will know the gender of your baby when they see the color of the popcorn.

Lemonade – The drink everyone loves

Of course, you will need drinks, and what can be better than a glass of lemonade? You can play a game with your guests and ask them to pick up the color they think will represent the fetus within you.

Concocting this blend is not tough as you can add a dash of either blue or pink color to get the drink you want. When all your guests have picked up their glasses, reveal the gender and distribute gifts among the guests who picked the right-colored drink.

Parties revealing the gender of your kids are the perfect entertainment for parents-to-be and their close ones to celebrate the event. While you get to spend precious time with friends and family, you can also enjoy yourselves.

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