How to keep up with the ever-changing fashion

Fashion trends are constantly changing and new styles take precedence each year as designers and fashionistas wear something different that catches on quickly.  Most women want to be on trend and to do so, must keep up with the latest designer creations and popular fashion choices.

Below are a few options to add to your wardrobe.

Buckles and Studs

A hot fashion trend for the fall season is buckles and studs on footwear. From flats to boots, designers are adding flourishes like buckles and studs to give an added edge to footwear. Rows of buckles can be seen on ankle boots which gives a rock-style appearance. Flats are coming out as well for fall with gold studs on the front and heel to give a unique look. Both go well with daytime looks as well as nighttime affairs.

One-Tone Fashion

Another great style choice for fall of 2013 is the one-tone look. Fashion enthusiasts are taking their style to another level by wearing one tone of color. Instead of opting for all black, which is common, go for an all-brown or wine-colored look. Use dark colors and chose one color but mix the textures to create a high-fashion look. For example, pair a brown leather skirt with a silk blouse and rough textured cardigan, but all in the same color family. The textures will pop off of each other instead of color.


Metallics are another great trend that those who follow fashion should see repeated this year. A big trend in metallic right now is footwear. From sparkly shoes to a sleek metallic finish, every type of footwear can be found in bold silvers and gold hues. This option goes great with stepping up a simple style or accenting an outfit for a night on the town.


Slogans are usually used in advertising but have recently found a place in fashion. A hot trend right now is sweaters that have slogans. You can speak your mind as well as make a fashion statement by wearing slogan sweaters. These sweaters can be as simple as the word GEEK or NERD or be complex with environmental sayings or even political ones.


If you like to add accessories to your look, the hot trend for 2013 is cuffs. A cuff bracelet can complement any outfit and comes in a variety of styles and colors. From large chunky cuffs and a smaller style, there are options for everyone. Gold is a popular choice this season with light-colored accents like mint, pink, and peach. A cuff can dress up your everyday outfit and keep you stylish as a nighttime accessory as well.

No matter what your style choices, be confident in what you wear. With a smile on your face and a spring in your step, any style choice will look good on you!