Top Celebrity Mommy Makeovers in 2014

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 Celebrity Moms – What they dread and how they triumph

Anybody with privileged information on the life and struggles of celebrity moms will readily admit that these extraordinary humans face intense pressure to bring back their glamorous selves after maternity. It is not easy. That is why the following celebrities deserve every plaudit on account of their triumph against epic odds of weight gain and general aesthetics.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardishian image with partner and son
In many respects, Kim Kardashian is one of the most hardworking celebrities who understand the meaning of results-oriented makeover. It is in public knowledge that Kim struggled day after day to regain the flawless beauty with which she seems to hold the entire universe in a trance. Bits of her beauty were lost and consistent effort is what she needed to make things straight. Kim worked out consistently and managed to win back her great body. Due to dramatic changes in Kim’s bra size and body figure in general, ut appears that nothing shall ever calm the gossip world from their belief that Kim sought more than diet and exercise on her path back to recovery. The common rumor is that she went for plastic procedures on various parts of her body to mend the damage incurred during the pregnancy period.


This gifted songstress with a mellifluous voice took short leave from the red carpets when she got her first son, Milan, in 2013. Shakira’s fans always feared that the pressures of pregnancy and early motherhood would subtract from her beauty. To the amazement of all, Shakira quickly regained shape and beauty and was up and about as situations demanded. Shakira’s makeover entailed a disciplined routine of exercises and the right diet. The gifted singer had ensured that she maintains regular exercises during pregnancies. This strategy worked in terms of maintaining the tone and firmness of her thighs and skin. Shakira divided her meals into eight small portions per day. The placed more emphasis on proteins and fiber as a way of supplying her body with the energy and nutrients it needed without compromising on her weight.
Denise Richards

After the birth of her first child in 2005, Denise Richards knew that she needed a very effective makeover strategy to regain her towering glamor in the celebrity circles. Shortly after childbirth, Denise began a disciplined fitness program with a clear intention of reclaiming all she had lost during the nine months of pregnancy. She also maintained a strict diet including low-fat meals and many others that were rich in the nutrients she required most. The results were obvious within a space of a few months. The gossip world has insisted that Denise sought some boob job to complement the results of training and diet.

Kate Middleton

Currently expecting her second child, The Duchess is believed to have put in place makeover strategies way before she had her first lovely baby boy. There are perceptions that Kate receives the best care that befits royalty given the significance of her pregnancy to the life of the empire. Such care included high class support with some of the most experienced handlers who ensured that she gets the best diet and physical exercises for the good of her health and her baby. The high level makeover that Kate received before and after her childbirth enabled Kate to recover her shape and skin tone remarkably fast.

Angelina Jolie

The celebrity fraternity still marvels at the ease and speed with which Angelina Jolie managed to shed off baby weight after the delivery of her twins. Some celebrity watchers were so fast to ascribe plastic surgery that the real strategies were actually ignored. The gossipers did not seem to take notice of Angelina Jolie’s rigorous fitness regimes and diet plans, which helped her to recover fast enough. This is one reason why she fits quite well within the category of 5 celebrity mommy makeovers in 2014, and this includes the admirable flourish and sense of fashion, which she has sustained ever since.