Top Benefits of Digestive Enzymes Supplements for Empty Stomach

The fact that you eat every quality food you can doesn’t count much if your digestive system is not doing perfect work.

Do you know that at times despite eating the right foods and doing enough workouts, you may feel bloated, sluggish, or feel somewhat bad? When you notice that, it could be your gut sending you a signal.

One of the major causes for this is the absence of digestive enzymes in the body. This makes your gut to lack the assistance for digesting every nutrient in the food you eat.

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Biologically, digestive enzymes are referred to or defined as macromolecular biological catalysts.

To a layman, digestive enzymes are the existing substances in our body’s digestive system, which decomposes more critical things into tiny things through chemical reactions.  

You don’t need to train your body to digest food; the digestive system is programmed to do that. It knows how to break down different food in various ways. Well, digestive enzymes have more than 20 ways and types of digestive enzymes in the body to breakdown foods into tiny parts that your body can take as nutrients. Every one of the enzymes has its duty, which is to deconstructs to just one food molecule such as fat, carbohydrate, protein and more. 

When you undergo frequent stress, get older, or lack proper nutrition, then the enzyme production in your body will reduce drastically. What this means is that the food you consume will not decompose well.

This problem occurs for two reasons:

  • First, your body will not retain all the vitamins it should get from your diet.
  • Second, your digestive tract will be over stressed, which may cause issues in your body.

This is because every part of your body is connected.

How to Get More Enzymes?

Enzymes can be gotten from two different sources: raw whole food and supplements.  

Well, if you take digestive enzyme supplements, your body will continue to produce enzymes on its own when you stop taking it. So, it’s a good source since you won’t have to be taking it for a very long time.

Why You Should Take Digestive Enzymes

You will find so many reasons to ensure that your digestive enzyme is at work and it’s working correctly. Even if your enzymes level is low, the supplement will help you improve it.

In this case, here are ten best benefits of digestive enzymes;

  1. Improved nutrient absorption

This benefit cannot be overemphasized. When you have all the necessary enzymes in your body, and they are performing well, more nutrients will go into your body. 

This means when you spend your hard-earned money on fruits, proteins and veggies, you will see the result in your body. Instead of them wasting away in your gut, they will decompose and benefit your body a lot. 

  1. Prevention of leaky gut

Those little cells that are in the lining of your intestines are the ones that take in all the nutrients you consume.

When the food you eat doesn’t digest well, especially the huge undigested molecules, they will begin to force their way into the cell walls. The outcome of this is that it will make the immune system to act on fighting the unwanted molecules.

Also, this may lead to inflammation in your intestinal lining. It could as well be in any other places in the part of your body. That isn’t nice!

  1. Reduction of IBS symptoms

When food doesn’t break down well, another thing that can happen is that the existing bacterial in your body will start feeding on it. 

When these bacterial feeds on them too much and they overgrow, you will start experiencing bloating, cramps, gas, diarrhea and many more related IBS symptoms.

There is more to it, which are diseases such as; ulcerative colitis and CROHN’s, which may as well lead to gut inflammation.

When your digestive enzymes work perfectly, they will as well improve food condition and sensitivity in your body such as lactose intolerance.

  1. Clearer skin

Remember that every part of your body is connected. So, when your body doesn’t absorb enough nutrients, or you experience body inflammation, it will reflect on your skin.

For instance, fatty acids are beneficial for healthy skin, and you can get them from food. The truth is that your skin should get help from the inside just the way you will treat it with expensive lotions from the outside. 

  1. Hydrochlorhydria Relief

Digestion takes place in your stomach. Hydrochloric acid or stomach acid starts with breaking down of the proteins very early in the process. Later on, the pancreatic enzymes existing in your intestines will assist it. But, if your stomach acid level is low, that means every other thing will stop processing.   

Most notably, low hydrochloric acid rates may result in an inability to absorb some vitamins such as; b12, which may cause anemia (low iron). Asides, you may experience fatigue too. This is when you indeed need to take an enzyme supplement that will boost the hydrochloric acid.

  1. Relieve from pain and fatigue

When you have inflammation in the body, you will face pains in your body, such as migraines or regular headache. These symptoms can be connected to the low level of nutrients in the body.

Mainly, pancreatic digestive enzyme amylase will transform carbohydrates from the food break down into glucose. This is a significant molecule that our body needs to earn energy. Therefore, if your digestive system is functioning well, you will see its result all over your body. 

  1. Overcoming anxiety

Some things oversee our alertness, moods and energy level, they are neurotransmitters, and they so much need proteins.

They also need amino acids that are processed by an excellent deconstruction of proteins. So, if you lack enough protein or the quantity required to decompose protein to amino acids, you will need to get it boosted.

A good gut will have a significant effect on your anxiety level, and it can as well fight inflammation in your nervous systems, including insomnia and depression.

  1. Enhanced memory and mental focus

Dopamine and serotonin bring about the thought of our brains. Meanwhile, the real thing is that almost everything about serotonin is processed in the digestive tract. If you need to accelerate productivity or you are feeling sluggish; you may need to begin with your gut. Please get the help it needs for it.

  1. Inhibits autoimmune disease

You may face more challenges when you experience leaky gut syndrome that causes autoimmune to react in your body.

Many people believe it can be treated, well, celiac disease is traced to improper digestion.

Supplements for enzymes are reasonable assurance that the body is not lacking needed tools for proper use of nutrients in the body. Besides, it reduces the danger of inflammation.

  1. Assists methylation

The biochemical process that performs the essential cell division and production in DNA is known as methylation. It’s the one that acts on all types of responses in the body, like control of inflammation, detoxification and production of energy in the body.

The body makes use of vitamin B for the process of methylation.

When a bacterium is overfeeding and overgrowing or digestion is not done well, it will be hard for vitamins to be absorbed in the body.



The health of your body gut is equal to the total health of your body. The principal thing you should know about your gut health is that your body must have all the necessary tools needed. Supplements for the digestive enzyme are an excellent option to get your body to act on healing by itself. It’s essential!