Hand Made Gift Ideas

When it comes to gifting, nothing beats a hand made gift. Here’s a few ideas for making your own gifts that will show your friends and family that you put in some effort.

  1.  Making melt and pour soap is a good place to start if you wish to easily create a gift that can fill more than one stocking. If you’re feeling brave, you can even make soap from scratch.

  2. Bake with chocolate and make it healthy. Here a nice chocolate cupcakes recipe with the added benefit of green tea. Perfect for keeping the weight in check during the Holiday season.

  3. Take plenty of photos and create a photo book featuring the special person that will receive it.

  4. Share your best recipes with your best friends in a stylish  self published book. 

  5. Going shopping ans choosing something special is allowed. Find below a few gift ideas:

Raising Unicorns from ModCloth -Price: $13.99

It’s astonishingly fun and fantastically lucrative, but unicorn farming can be quite the challenge! In this wondrously witty paperback, Phoenix-based unicornomics ’ expert Jessica S. Marquis introduces you to the ins and outs of this whimsical industry, from building your herd and business plan to caring for ailing animals and arranging your barn. Accompanied by testimonials from successful owners, a wealth of insider wisdom, and a handy breed index, which helps you differentiate the glowing twinkletoe and the legendary glitterlump from the everyday horse with a horn, this step-by-step guide will keep you pointed in the right, dazzling direction!… Add to your Gifted Basked now: Raising Unicorns from ModCloth


Meow for Measuring Cups from ModCloth

Price: $34.99

Just one glance at these kitten design  ceramic measuring cups by One Hundred 80 Degrees – as featured in Weight Watchers Magazine – convinced me to put them on my top 5 gifts for this Holiday Season.

Click here to buy


Give It a World Mirror Set from ModCloth – Price $44.99Let your mind wander to all four corners of the imagination by adding these mirrors to your out-of-this-world interior!Crafted with brackets that make installation a breeze, this set features three distinct views of the pale blue dot that we call home, illustrated in sleek black silhouette.

Whether they inspire you to take a global perspective, reflect on a recent trip, or finally set up your trusty telescope, these astronomically styled mirrors add a new dimension of detail to any space!

BUY NOW from ModCloth


Owl New Ideas Eraser Set from ModCloth -$6.99

Your best idea is easily found with this adorable eraser set! Let this fun flask of tiny owl erasers from Kikkerland sit atop your desk, encouraging you to take writing risks. Whether you choose the bright blue, pretty pink, cheery yellow, or barn-owl brown eraser, you’ll delight in editing your work!

This set of adorable owl erasers, not only will be great stocking staffers at Christmas but the set, despite the small price, is pretty and useful enough to be upgraded to a gift!
BUY NOW from ModCloth


Peas Pass the Salt and Pepper Shaker Set from ModCloth -$21.99

These two ceramic green peas go together like salt and pepper! Nestled in a ceramic pea pod, these two friendsby One Hundred 80 Degrees will season your food and your kitchen with their smiling faces and rosy cheeks. Add this delightful decor to your collection, and you’re sure to have peas, love, and flavorful food in your future!


That’s my top 5 for Christmas Shopping this year, although I’ll have to admit I’ll have to buy two of each of these items, otherwise I won’t want to give any away…

What do you prefer? Giving or receiving? What was the best hand made gift that you ever received? Looking forward to read your ideas. 



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