Tips For Shopping Plus Size Dresses

For many women, shopping is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. When it comes to shopping for wedding dresses, the experience becomes a lot more exciting, mixed with a bit of nervousness and stress. And no one can blame you; it is your special day after all. Everything needs to be perfect, and what you wear needs to be accurate. 
But if you’re someone on the heavier side, looking for the perfect plus-size dress can be stressful when a lot of stores only cater only to the smaller sizes. Even though 68% of American women are found to wear a size 14 or above, there is still a shortage of stores and brands that create stylish plus-size clothing. Still, every body type and size is beautiful, and everyone deserves to find the best and most perfect dress for their special day. So to all the curvy brides looking for the perfect gown, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go dress hunting:

Have a budget and stick with it

An essential aspect of shopping, whether it’s for wedding dresses or regular weekend groceries, is having a strict budget and learning to stick with it.

When you go shopping for a plus-size wedding dress, you’ll notice that it’ll cost a bit higher than smaller-sized gowns. This is because the more material used in the suit, the more designers charge you.
Make sure to look for dresses that are within your price range, and if possible, opt out of trying dresses that exceed the budget you’ve set.

However, if you end up finding a dress that you love but is out of your range, ask if they have the same style with fewer beads or lace or in a different fabric so you can get it for a lower price.

Choose A Flattering Fabric

Look for dresses that are made with thicker fabric, if possible. Materials like taffeta are ideal for plus-size wedding dresses since they smoothen everything out, giving you a streamlined silhouette.
You might also want to opt for dresses with thicker straps or sleeves that’ll make your shoulders appear smaller. On top of this, avoid buying dresses that are heavily beaded or laced on parts that you want to minimize. This way, you can draw away the audience’s attention from parts that you don’t want them to look at, and they can focus on you.

Choose A Flattering Style

Aside from choosing a flattering fabric, you should also select a style that’s most flattering for your shape.

Try out dresses that are A-lined, trumpet silhouettes, ball gowns, or mermaid dresses, which are most likely to fit in all the right places bringing out your curves beautifully.

You can also opt to wear fitted gowns that’ll make you look sexy down the aisle. The trick is to find gowns with a corset or wear the right undergarments like spandex or bodysuits that’ll give you the best shape that goes well with your body-hugging dress.

On top of this, buying a gown that’s a bit bigger than your size is perfectly normal as wedding gown tends to run smaller than streetwear. Plus, you can always have your dress adjusted to fit in all the right places once you’ve got it.

Confidence is Key

When shopping for your dream wedding dress, don’t be shy to ask around or say precisely what design you have in mind.

This will not only help make the process a lot easier and faster, but it will also help you find the dress of your dreams.

With a bit of patience, determination, and help from your loved ones, you’ll be able to find the perfect dress in no time. The important thing is that you enjoy the experience!