The Top Nursery Peel and Stick Wallpaper Brands You Should Know

Nursery decor has come a long way from pastel colors and generic baby animal motifs to modern nursery decor. Parents have access to an incredible range of peel-and-stick wallpaper designs that can transform any nursery into a personalized, stylish space that everyone will want to experience.

Every parent wants nursery décor options that are easy to apply, remove, and replace, which makes peel-and-stick wallpapers a good option. These wallpapers are ideal for renters or anyone who wants to update their decor frequently. In this article, we will talk about the top nursery peel-and-stick wallpaper brands you should know and can pick from.

Love vs Design

Love vs Design offers a range of peel-and-stick wallpapers for the nursery studio, garage, living room, bathroom, and any other area in your home. The most popular wallpaper designs from Love vs Design include those that are perfect for nurseries and children’s rooms such as whimsical ones. These designs are sure to delight both children and adults. From cute animals to colorful patterns, Love vs Design has something for everyone.

One of the standout features of Love vs Design’s baby nursery wallpaper is its customization options. The customers are allowed to customize their wallpaper designs, choosing from a variety of colors and adding their child’s name for a personalized touch.



WallPops is one of the oldest brands that specialize in removable wallpaper, decals, and other wall décor options for different needs. They have a collection of nursery wallpaper that is extensive. The options feature a range of designs from classic polka dots and stripes to whimsical animals and nature scenes that can be great for a boy’s nursery. Their self-adhesive wallpapers are made from a high-quality vinyl material that is easy to clean and safe for nurseries. The material can be removed without damaging the wall surface. The brand also offers a range of coordinating wall decals and borders to complete the look in your nursery, living room, bathroom, bedroom or any other space you want to transform.


Here’s another leading brand in the peel-and-stick wallpaper market. They have a nursery wallpaper collection featuring charming designs that are perfect for creating a playful, whimsical atmosphere in the nursery. Parents can choose from cute animal prints to sweet floral patterns. The patterns and designs available can suit every taste. Their products are made from a self-adhesive, repositionable material that can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind or destroying the walls. You can as well get a range of coordinating wallpaper borders and decals.

RoomMates decor

RoomMates is a well-known brand that specializes in removable wallpaper and wall decals. They have a wallpaper collection that features a variety of designs, and patterns. Some wonderful nursery wallpaper designs include classic stripes, playful polka dots, and adorable animal prints. RoomMates wallpaper is made from a high-quality vinyl material that is easy to apply. You can remove the wallpaper from the walls without damaging the wall surface.

Zuber & Cie

Zuber & Cie is a French wallpaper brand that has been producing high-quality nursery wallpapers for years. They are well known in the décor world for their exquisite handcrafted designs that are inspired by nature, landscapes, and architecture. Their peel and stick wallpapers are made from a durable vinyl material that is easy to install and remove and very safe for the nursery. You can choose from their wide range of designs, including floral patterns, landscapes, and architectural designs. If done the right way, their wallpapers are perfect for creating a classic and timeless look in a nursery.

Iksel Decorative Arts

Iksel Decorative Arts specializes in creating custom-made wallpapers that are inspired by historical designs and the client’s personal needs. The nursery peel and stick wallpapers from Iksel are made from a high-quality vinyl material that is easy to install and remove. Parents can choose from designs such as landscapes, floral patterns, and architectural designs. What sets Iksel Decorative Arts apart is its ability to create custom designs based on a customer’s specific needs and preferences.


Gracie is has been producing hand-painted wallpapers since 1898. They are known for their exquisite designs that are inspired by Asian art, culture, and the customer’s demands. You can always get in touch for custom-made nursery wallpapers.


When it comes to choosing the perfect peel and stick wallpaper for your nursery or child’s room, these listed brands are excellent options to consider. They offer high-quality, easy-to-install, and durable wallpapers with a range of fun and playful designs.