The Top 5 Films to Watch in Bed  

Winter is coming and it is time for darker nights and colder days. This is the perfect time to get snuggled up in bed, grab yourself a brand new mattress and wrap up warm!

Whether it’s a film to watch when you’re relaxing, maybe just a lazy day in bed or something to nod off to? Here our pick of the top 5 films to watch in bed. Get comfy, and enjoy.

  1. The Goonies – 1985

The Goonies is the tale of a group of kids who try to save their homes from being demolished. They find a treasure map from the dreadful pirate One-Eyed Willie and deal with a group of fugitives trying to steal the treasure to keep for themselves. The film leaves you with a feeling of nostalgia, despite the quirky plot. It’s a classic 80’s comedy adventure with a distinct Spielberg feeling that always does its job to entertain. Whether you’ve seen The Goonies for the first time or the tenth time, it’s always worth another glance and a few familiar laughs. Now let’s see your truffle shuffle.

  1. Weird Science – 1985

John Hughes before making the classics he is best known for started off with this 80’s classic, Weird Science. Following in his fashion of teen oriented films, Weird Science follows two high school geeks, Gary and Wyatt who are hapless when it comes to the opposite sex. They decide to design their dream woman using Wyatt’s computer, a freak lightning storm approaches and turns their computer generated model into reality. Lisa then helps Gary and Wyatt build up their self-confidence so they can become real men. Even more trouble comes their way as Wyatt’s older brother begins to suspect that all is not as it should be. Adolescent comedy at its best, with a distinct Frankenstein twist.


  1. Taxi Driver – 1976


Taxi Driver is an outstanding film, you really can’t dispute it. It’s Scorsese’s first masterpiece and one of if not the best film ever made. Easily one of Robert De Niro’s greatest performances, with great support act from Jodie Foster. Meet Travis Bickle, a Vietnam War veteran who’s lonely and increasingly becoming mentally unstable losing grasp on reality. By night, he’s a Ney York City taxi driver, growing disgusted by the city he lives in. He takes it upon himself to change things, determined to make a difference. The city feeds his appetite for violence, from stalking to a failed assassination attempt while trying to save an underage prostitute in the process. It is a masterpiece of urban alienation.


  1. Labyrinth – 1986

A great fantasy adventure inspired by the likes of The Wizard of Oz and fairy tales alike. Labyrinth contains all the highs and lows of the 80’s era: An enthralling story, lovable characters, cheesy lines and dated, almost cheesy special effects. Don’t forget the soundtrack by David Bowie, who plays an excellent villain by the way. The story follows a young girl named Sarah, who despises her baby brother who is later taken by goblins. She sets forth on a quest to rescue him and finds herself in for the adventure of a lifetime. By today’s standards, you will find flaws in this film, but for its age it’s a pretty good film and always worth a watch no matter your age. Come inside and have a cup of tea!

  1. Back to the Future – 1985

Capturing everything there is to love and applaud about 80s blockbusters, Robert Zemickis’s Back to the Future assembled a list of all the right ingredients flawlessly. Likable young lead? Meet Marty McFly. Eccentric mentor? Say hello to Doc. Brown. A DeLorean time machine? You know that’s a big fat yes! Follow Marty as he is zapped back to the 1950’s where he inadvertently interferes with the budding romance of his teenaged parents, he must now reunite his parents-to-be, before he ceases to exist in the 1980’s. Innovating, smart, and an instant classic in every way possible. This Sci-Fi adventure is filled with plenty of historical references that are filled with plenty of laughter and joy. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd’s form of chemistry are a rarity in many films today.