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Popularly known for its culinary aromatic uses, saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, because of the tedious and time consuming way of picking: the stigmas or threads of the saffron flower need to be gently plucked away, piled and dried. Despite the high price per gram, there are good news: Cooking with saffron doesn’t mean breaking the bank: Only a few threads are needed to add plenty of flavor and color to a large family meal . A 4 gram box of  Saffron goes a long way.

saffron and where to buy it. For centuries, different cultures granted saffron numerous medicinal uses. It has been used as a remedy for sleep disorders in ancient Greece, or as an aphrodisiac in Middle East.

Today, several studies have shown that this aromatic spice also has antidepressant and appetite suppressing properties therefore saffron is sometimes used by self respecting pharmaceutical laboratories to manufacture natural antidepressants and weight loss supplements.

For culinary uses,  saffron  should never miss in a good paella, or when cooking other rice, meat or seafood dishes. It combines perfectly with all kinds of cooked lentils, chickpeas, potatoes etc. and with all kinds of sauces that accompany the meat or fish.

Besides being a natural and delicious food dye, saffron has the quality to enhance the flavours of our dishes, making it tastier and more beneficial for our health.

A single thread of saffron can enhance the flavour of our tea, coffee, chamomile infusion…

In antiquity, saffron was known as the red gold not only for its high economic value but also for its flavor, color and health benefits.

Let’s start rediscovering this spice in all its essence with a small tip for better saffron flavour and colour extraction:

The night before using, place 3 threads of saffron in a glass with a little water and let it soak until needed. In the middle of the cooking time, add the contents of that flavour cup to the cooking pot.

Ordering Saffron online is often difficult. Although online saffron can be found cheaper than in the physical stores, you should beware of poor quality. Good quality indicators online are: a unique red color and a trustworthy seller. sells good quality saffron as they’re dedicated to selecting the best saffron farmers.

adding saffron to paellas for colour and flavour