The Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Gift Giving

Gift giving is one of my favorite topics and the more personal one can make it, the better. (see how to create your own recipe book and gift it to whomever likes your cooking most). Today’s guest will talk us through the psychological and emotional benefits of gift giving. 

 “A major part of celebrations, whether it is a birthday, Christmas or another holiday event is the exchanging of gifts. Although it is a tradition, did you know that gift giving can also have psychological and emotional benefits?

Here we will explore the psychological and emotional aspects of gift giving to give you a better insight into choosing the perfect present for a loved one.


the art of gift giving

The giving of gifts is driven by emotions.

Why do people give gifts?

People give gifts for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it is to say thank you or congratulations, other times it is simply to show affection. Some people even send gifts out of guilt. This tends to happen when someone is not able to attend a special occasion in person. Whatever the reason behind giving a gift, the common factor is that the act is influenced by an emotion.


Choosing a gift

Say you were choosing a gift for your mother, sister or girlfriend; you wouldn’t just go straight to the ‘gifts for her’ section and pick up any old item. No, you would spend time browsing the selection of items determining what needs to be given and what the person would like. This takes thought and emotional consideration. Finding the right gift for someone can also evoke an emotional response, as you will happy, satisfied and even excited by your choice of gift.


At the same time, choosing a gift can also be a stressful process, particularly for partners who want to give sentimental gifts to each other. Not being able to find the right gift or struggling to make a decision can cause negative feelings, however if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, this can easily be avoided. Below we have provided some of our top tips for choosing a gift.


Choosing a gift for a partner

When it comes to choosing birthday gifts for her, many men struggle knowing where to begin. Do you go down the route of buying jewellery? Does your partner even like jewellery? Would they prefer to go on a special trip away instead? Asking all of these questions can make you feel stressed, confused and overwhelmed.


Instead we suggest taking it back to basics and thinking about your partner’s interests. What do they enjoy doing? Asking yourself this single question can help you find gifts that will mean something to your partner. For example a great gift idea for women that enjoy going out for afternoon tea would be a vintage style teapot or a tea set that they could use at home or in the garden. Alternatively, if they were into health and beauty, you could book a spa day for you both to enjoy together.


The same ideas apply for women buying gifts for men. Thinking about their hobbies and interests will greatly narrow down your choice and help you find a gift that will mean something to them. If all else fails, opt for unusual gifts that will intrigue them and give them something to show off to their friends!


If you’re looking to find some inspiration, we recommend you visit, they have a wide range of unusual gift ideas targeted at women. Their range covers gifts, jewellery and homeware items.

gift giving and all its benefits.

Giving gifts is mutually beneficial in terms of physiological effects as it makes both the giver and recipient feel happy!


The joy of giving gifts

As the saying goes, it’s better to give than to receive. Unselfishly giving a gift, without expecting anything return is said to improve our psychological health. Many people claim to prefer watching people open their gifts at Christmas than opening their own presents, as they benefit emotionally from the joy of others.

There aren’t many greater feelings than seeing the look on a loved one’s face when they open a gift from you that they love.

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