The Health Benefits of Organic Dates and Where to Buy Them Cheap

Though dates don’t look like much at first glance, their wrinkled exterior hides a surprisingly sweet experience. That’s the main reason they retained their popularity since the late 1700s, when the Spanish missionaries first brought them to the American coasts. Dates have a lot of practical uses; they can be made into vinegar, paste, chutney, flavorings, and the seeds can be roasted for a snack.

And of course, you can just eat them as they are. In addition to being delicious snack they come with numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits of Dates

dates and cashewsWhen it comes to nutrition, dates are best known as a venerable source of various essential minerals and vitamins. According to many nutritionists dates is a super ingredient, just like green tea or aloe vera. They also contain a lot of energy, fiber, and natural sugars. Here are 4 main health benefits of organic dates.

Strengthening Bones. Dates are filled to the brim with copper, selenium, magnesium, and manganese. All of these minerals are integral to bone strength and development, which becomes more and more important as we get older. Thanks to the sheer amount of minerals they contain, dates are a perfect superfood for fighting off osteoporosis and other debilitating diseases.

Treating Intestinal Disorders. These dry fruits also contain a small amount of nicotine, which helps with curing intestinal disorders. Eating dates on a regular basis will inhibit the growth of pathological organisms and promote the growth of “friendly” bacteria in the intestinal tract. As dates are also great at stimulating food digestion, your digestive tract will be able to absorb a large amount of nutrients.

Curing Allergies. One of the most interesting elements found in dates is organic sulfur. The main health benefit of organic sulfur is reducing seasonal allergies and other allergic reactions. Seasonal allergic rhinitis (also known as SAR) is a bigger issue than you might think; in the United States alone, SAR affects approximately 23 million people.

Promoting Heart Health. Dates are a rich source of potassium, which helps reduce the risk of heart-related diseases. However, a lot of people don’t know that eating dates also reduces the body’s levels of LDL cholesterol, which is a big contributing factor to heart attacks. Consuming crushed dates twice a week can be very helpful in improving your heart health.

Purchasing Organic Dates. Saving Money Online

Considering all the health benefits they provide, dates are surprisingly affordable. You can even buy them even cheaper online, though you do have to know where to look. For example, Holland & Barrett website sells a 500g pack of dried organic dates at just £5.19. If you’re looking for a discount coupon, Holland & Barrett lets you get an item for a penny by purchasing any full-priced item listed on the Penny Sale. Holland and Barrett also have a rewards system; for every 50 points you collect, you’ll get a money-off coupon. Deliveries on purchases of £20 or more are free. You can view the latest Holland & Barrett voucher codes in this page.

Alternatively, you will find many providers who sell various types of dates on Amazon at very reasonable prices. In the UK, Amazon deliveries vary from 1 to 7 days depending on the seller.