The Bistro Diet – professionally planned especially for your diet needs – to your door.

Ever wanted to lose weight and eat more healthy but found that cooking all those good tasting fat burning meals takes not only a lot of time and effort but also a lot of skill? And how is one supposed to come home  (tired and hungry) from work  and not collapse on the sofa with a pack of chips and a fizzy drink? I find it impossible, unless we’re talking about a homemaker.

Luckily we don’t have to be all homemakers, housewives or stay at home moms or dads, to be able to eat healthy regular decent meals, specially tailored to our needs and pleasing to our taste buds.  Nor, you guys out there have to rush up and get married just so you get the advantage of coming home to a just out of the oven homemade hearty dinner. Nor do we need to spend all those money eating out every night (I know good restaurant meals tastes really good but that’s down to the amount of butter they use). And we don’t have to reach for the phone and call for the pizza, Chinese or curry delivery boy every night (that’s fast food and let’s face it fast food is more-ish and fattening).  The best option I found is to sign up to the Bistro MD Diet
gourmet home cooked healthy meals for weight loss delivered to your door cheap
Bistro MD – doctor designed gourmet meals it’s a proven weight loss program (based on a healthy diet) . It’s the best kept secret of those ‘super’ beings that you see around you every day, looking their best, having lots of energy and never looking tired or ever smelling of food … I’m only guessing here.

Here’s how it works: 

You sign up on Bistro MD Diet, access your member interface, select your preferred ingredients and review your list of approved entrees.

Bistro MD dietitians will then take your unique diet preferences, whether they are gluten free, paleo, chocolate based, and build a daily and weekly menu, just for you! You get your meals home delivered, you may include healthy snacks if you wish, You can continue to access ‘my bistroMD’ to change your menu preferences and control your menu requests. And just in case you’re wondering how much a week’s menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks) costs … $180. I don’t think it’s necessary to emphasize what great value that is.  Just click on the following link and have a good look at the meals they serve. Delicious and healthy! Dr. Phil says BistroMD is the best home meal delivery program available. Get free shipping on your next order ($24.95 value). and Bon Apetite !


PS: Like cakes but don’t know how to make them? Want to impress someone but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen? Here  you can get the most delicious home made cakes, puddings and deserts delivered to your door anytime you need them!

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