The Benefits of Using Accoya Wood for Your Luxury Doors


More and more manufacturers of sliding doors or folding doors are using Accoya as one of the primary components of their products. Modern technology introduced innovations on exterior windows and doors for both residential and commercial buildings. You have PVC, aluminum, steel, and wood.


One newer player in the market is the Accoya wood, a high-performance wood that welds well with steel to create much stronger and elegant luxury doors.


What is Accoya Wood?


You harvest pine plantations and then subject them to a process called acetylation. It is not exactly a discovery as scientists have known about it for almost a hundred years now. However, it is only recently when manufacturers have perfected the process.


The acetylation will modify the lumber’s cell structure, making it stronger and more durable. In fact, in terms of tensile strength and durability, Accoya wood trumps aluminum if exposed to harsh conditions. Compared to standard lumber, Accoya does not retain water moisture. Wood expands and contracts based on the prevailing temperature and weather conditions. But Accoya does not do that since its chemical properties are already modified.


But make no mistake. It is still natural wood. There is nothing synthetic about it. It is like coating the wood with varnish or paint. You protect the surface, but the characteristics of the wood remain the same.


Benefits of Accoya Wood


Here are a few benefits of using Accoya wood for your luxury doors and windows.


  1. Regular wood contains free hydroxyl groups. However, with Accoya, these hydroxyl groups are converted into acetyl, which then diminishes the material’s ability to absorb moisture by as much as 80%. The process results in a more inert and stable wood.


  1. Because the wood is inert, you do not have to worry about warping, distortion, and bending. Some window frames or door jambs are susceptible to warping, especially when they are constantly battered by rain and sun.


  1. You do not need to apply a protective coating. The wood gets already protected from the inside.


  1. The wood does rot due to the changes in the cellular structure. In the same vein, it is termite-proof. You also would not find any fungi or mold on this type of wood. They thrive on wet and damp environments, and Accoya does not provide the conditions for them to grow.


  1. It retains the paint longer. You save money because you do not need to reapply the paint every few years. The coat of paint on the processed wood will not peel or crack for a long time.


  1. Accoya wood lasts a lifetime.


One such innovative product from a manufacturer like 2Fold Doors is to meld Accoya wood with custom steel frames. The technology allowed the company to roll out one of the thinnest frames in the market today. The average width of frames is two inches wide, and some even expand up to three inches. In contrast, the company sells one-inch frames as well.


Nothing spells luxury and elegance like a full vista when installing your doors and windows, and this increases the curb appeal of the property as well. That is because the frames do not interfere with the glass. In actuality, you will hardly see them at all.


So, the next time you are looking at replacing your window frames and door jambs, consider Accoya wood as an alternative to aluminum or traditional wood.