Teaching the kids financial responsibility and a lot more

They say that if you give someone a fish, you’ll feed one for a day, but if you teach someone to fish, you’ll feed one for a lifetime.

In my daily life as a mom of two kids who constantly expect me to do things for them just because it’s easier and safer, for them and for me, I have to stop for a moment and remind myself of the aforementioned saying.

Thanks to that, they tie their own shoelaces, make their own breakfast (only milk and cereals), to cook and clean,  and are getting more and more independent, grateful  and appreciative of the value of things they have. I like to see them well equipped with essential life skills. 

We even started a family management program that is beginning to give good results. And now, I came across a super app that will help our kids further in their way to independence, wisdom and responsible adulthood.

Know a family with kids? Give them a FamZoo gift subscription and help the parents teach their kids good money habits.

FamZoo.com is an online application that helps parents teach their young children and teens, healthy personal finance habits. Each family that joins can set up their own online Virtual Family Bank to manage spending, saving, charitable giving, budgets, allowances, chores, goals, loans, and much more. Parents can start very simple with young kids and add sophistication as their children mature through the tween and teen years. The skills leaned with FamZoo.com are probably the most important gift a responsible parent can give to  their children and I’m soo glad I found it.

I wish I were  wiser and more prepared for the tough financial real world in my own youth.  Unfortunately we can’t turn back time and undo the wrong choices we’ve taken, but we can prevent our kids of making the mistakes we made in our youth out of ignorance.

We can prepare them for the real world so they don’t have to learn about money, taxes, responsibility  citizenship the hard way.

We can equip them with the skills necessary to survive into the tough jungle that is today’s and tomorrow’s financial world.

Those skills cannot be acquired overnight. It’ll be a long process that must start into early childhood.

So yes, we do live into a chaotic financial world, but thanks to today’s technology we have a wealth of educational resources entirely at our fingertips. FamZoo.com is te best I tried so far and you can try it our too for free!

Teach your kids good money habits with FamZoo's Virtual Family Bank, they'll learn responsibility, discipline and maths, as well as developing negociation skillsTeach your kids good money habits with FamZoo’s Virtual Family Bank. Know a family with kids? Give them a FamZoo gift subscription and help the parents teach their kids good money habits.

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  • Lily

    Thank you for your thoughts on this. This is something that I am struggling with, to teach my children about financial responsibility. I appreciate your thoughts and famzoo.com and try learn more about how to impart this important skill.

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