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Cocktail hours, whether for work or a social gathering outside of the daily grind, should be fun for everyone attending.  Although it can be hard to settle on one type of music or musician, hiring living musical talent can turn everything around and make this gathering into something nobody can […]

Hiring Musicians for Cocktail Hour

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If your child’s birthday is due soon, then you may be thinking that how to host a children’s birthday party? Planning kid’s birthday party can be a tough task because you have to plan so many things for the party. What should be the theme for the party? What type […]


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Here at The Simple Life, we love to party. We wrote in the past on party food, party home decor, Halloween, girl’s night in parties, printable party games, etc. Today’s guest blogger, will tell us all there is to know about an American Theme Party. “Regardless of whether you reside […]

Food Tips And Party Ideas For An American Theme Family ...