liquid castile soap recipe

Home Made Soap from Scratch: Rosemary, Oat and Honey
Becoming confident in Cold Process Soap Making and loving every bit of it, I’ve got creative with Rosemary, Honey and Oatmeal in Soap making. I’ve got a few bars of round, nourishing, rich lathering antibacterial and scrubbing soap. It was also the first time when I used something different than […]

Rosemary, Honey and Oatmeal Soap Bar Recipe.

How to make Thick Liquid Castile Soap at Home
Now that I made quite a few cold process soaps, I thought I should give making liquid Castile soap a try. One can buy natural Liquid Castile Soap and use it to make hand wash, shampoo, face wash, washing up liquid, body wash by adding their favorite teas, oils, essential oils […]

Home Made Liquid Castile Soap Recipe