Equipping the children with essential lifeskills

The key to academic achievement and self-discipline and a boost to imagination and creativity. At the beginning of this summer holiday, my children showed a genuine interest in playing the recorder after hearing a professional musician play some magical tunes at a children’s party. They were mesmerized and after I […]

Getting the Kids into the Arts and Music to boost ...

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Today’s Guest informs us about the basic life support skills every parent should know by heart in order to be able to save their children’s lives in case of an accident. Checking the pulse, chest compressions, mouth to mouth, all the essential live saving skills presented in the form of […]

Can You Save my Life? Basic Life Suport Skills Infographic

building kids' self esteem.
Children’s sense of identity is important to their healthy development. It is our duty help them maintain and develop their sense of identity, and foster their resilience by carefully exposing them to adverse circumstances. Children can be helped to maintain and develop their identity in adverse circumstances by effective support from […]

Fostering Resilience and Encouraging a Healthy Sense of Identity in ...

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How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children Celebrities are idolized by society; this gives them the power to define many ideals. Celebrity appearance, their likes and dislikes are taken by young mind as the ideal. This has been the source of many conflicts and complexes children encounter and develop while […]

How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children

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Sponsored post: This post contains affiliate links Finding just the right tutor often feels like a mission impossible. One-to-one tutoring can make a world of difference to scholars of any age. Whatever they need to learn, maybe advanced maths, music, or a foreign language, if the tutor is a good […]

How to Find the Right Academic Tutor