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As the family grows, one finds that there isn’t enough room in the house for all the stuff that we accumulate, take kids stuff for example, jackets, backpacks, winter shoes, summer shoes, activities kids, not to mention their books, toys and art masterpieces. This post is to give you some […]

Storage Furniture for Updating any Room in your Home

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The Summer house is the best place in the world to allow the imagination to wander as you indulge in some of your favorite pastimes. The best Summer Homes reflects the personality and inner nature of their owners. This actually contribute to their compelling nature and makes them even more […]

How to Decorate the Summer House to Reflect Your Style

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Most of us like to think of our home as our own personal oasis, and want to keep it comfortable, clean and tidy. But, no matter how much you clean, there’s one thing that might still be surprisingly unclean: the air. In fact, the air indoors can sometimes even be […]

Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

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What are wool rugs and how can they contribute to the beauty of a certain place? Well, wool rugs used to be cover one’s floor are also referred as carpet. They are made of wool and are well-designed in order to attain attractive looks great contributor to the beauty of the home […]

A Touch of Warmth and Coziness with Wool Rugs

Ethical Gift Shopping around the world
Let’s buy less mass produced goods for a change and whenever possible, buy more ethical, fair trade ecological and hand made goods, especially when they are so much more fun to us and so much more helpful to the people who make their life livable by crafting them. Just have a look […]

The conscious consumer shops Fair Trade, Ecological and Ethical