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Eating green tea has been proven to boost metabolism help with weight loss and to contain powerful antioxidants that will keep us looking young. Now we can eat them the pleasant way in a delicious green tea chocolate bar

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Snacking on Cocoa Nibs improves your mood, increases your energy, and lowers your appetite for fatty unhealthy foods – to list just a few health benefits.  What are cocoa nibs? Cacao nibs or cocoa nibs are perfectly roasted cocoa beans separated from their husks and broken into small pieces. Cocoa […]

The Health Benefits of Cocoa Nibs

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And now I know out why  my mum’s 3 cups a day green tea weight loss diet wasn’t giving the results she expected: loosing weight, increased energy, lower cholesterol, rosy cheeks,  sparkly eyes and so on… Oh well, here’s the reason, according with my latest online findings: SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO […]

The Health Benefits of Consuming Green Tea Leaves

We all know that green tea and, for that matter many other herbal teas are good for our health and well being. Green Tea most of all contains  powerful antioxidants that will help prevent and fight cancer and heart disease and will lower cholesterol levels. For more trivial effects of green tea, […]

How to Include Green Tea in a Delicious Diet

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Here at, we like to keep our weight under control, therefore we include in our diet, healthy ingredients (green tea, Chia seeds, cocoa nibs, sometimes we even go as far as indulging in red wine and  dark chocolate. Today’s guest blogger is sharing with us some helpful tips ans testimonials on LeptiBurn™ […]

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