Surprise Owl in a Cup

Ally’s Today’s Daily Tip :

How to make your favorite guest spill their coffee and ROTFL

Hat's Entertainment Mug from ModClothI just came across this super cute and super hilarious coffee or tea cup and I thought what a perfect way to give a heart attack to your coffee guests or at the very least make them spill the coffee and roll on the floor laughing afterwards!
Unlike this guy on the right, I know I would laugh my head off, but still make you pay for the dry cleaning 😉

Chilling coyly under the surface of your steaming beverage, you’ll find the added surprise of an adorable owl, or a fox, squirrel, sea creature, skull, blob or more perched to greet you upon your final gulp! What a good laugh!

Seriously, this is a great gift for any coffee addict.

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