Stir Your Child’s Imagination With Personalized Book

Getting from point A to point B on a plane can be quite stressful. From packing your bags, and getting to the airport to waiting for the plane to board, many things could go wrong along the way. It is why three in four people find driving more pleasing than flying.


Unfortunately, it is a completely different story if there is a little child in the car. Nothing can make the entire experience nightmarish more than him or her acting up when hungry or bored. Without careful planning, any road trip can easily go from memorable to deplorable.


The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to keep a toddler behaving very well from the time that you leave to the moment that you get to the destination. Usually, it only takes giving him or her the right kind of toy.


Handing your child a steering wheel toy to play with is a marvelous idea. It will keep him or her busy and entertained, and it will let you focus on the wheels. If you are not the designated driver, it will allow you to enjoy the sights or take a nap to look and feel rejuvenated.


Learning Left and Right


Educational toys are some of the best toys for children. It is for the obvious reason that they help keep kids entertained as well as enable them to learn. A steering wheel can introduce your little one to telling directions, particularly differentiating left from right.


According to experts, it is a wonderful idea for parents to teach kids the concept of left and right early. After mastering left and right, children will find it easier to learn other directional terms. It will prepare them for learning more difficult concepts, too.


To make it more enticing for your child to learn about left and right, opt for a steering wheel with blinkers. The presence of flashing lights can help make him or her remember which is left and which is right easier. It can also make long road trips less unexciting.


Just Like Playing a Video Game


Just because you have to take driving seriously doesn’t mean that your child should. To make road trips less tedious to your baby and less stressful to you, hand him or her a steering wheel toy with a screen, which allows for a more interactive experience while playing.


The best one for the job is something with buttons that produce all sorts of sounds when pressed. Worry not that it will fill the car with noise pollution. Compared to the constant crying of a toddler, electronic sounds that a toy generates are music to the ears.


Music is What a Child Seeks


Speaking of which, it is best if your little one’s steering wheel is the musical kind. Each time boredom creeps up, a simple press of a button can make it go away instantly. Everyone in the car can also sing along if the car radio doesn’t seem to do the job.


With the perfect steering wheel toy around, you and your child can enjoy a stress-free as well as a memorable road trip.