Social and Emotional Literacy Lessons Delivered Through an Entertaining TV Show

We’re doing  great teaching kids maths, science and literacy but often we ignore or avoid delicate subjects such as social and emotional literacy.

Could it be that in these are areas we, the grown –ups are not as quite confident as we wish? ( think awkward silences waiting at the school gate!).
My greatest expectation for my children is that they’ll achieve the highest possible social wellbeing: a state where they’re effortlessly friendly and exude confidence; have an ongoing interest in understanding the social world around them and interacting with it effectively.

Such social well being is strongly connected with an emotional well being – the ability to effectively communicate  feelings, understand and consider others’ feelings and build positive relationships based on this understanding.

A key element in achieving such a state is developing social and emotional literacy -the ability to understand and manage emotions in oneself and in others and interact with other appropriately.
From birth, we begin to learn a set of unspoken rules about how to connect and relate to others. But these abilities don’t always come naturally – especially for those who have minds that develop differently because of autism, attention or sensory challenges, or differences that don’t necessarily have a label.
As parents, we try as much as possible to teach appropriate social behaviour and at times, trying to answer the ‘never ending ‘why’ questions are tiresome.
However, yesterday we’ve been lucky enough to come across an episode of  Flummox and Friends .

educational and entertaining TV show for development of social skills

I say lucky because Flummox and Friends is the TV show I’ve been waiting for: it aims to teach children the exact skills that I mentioned above, but in a funny and entertaining way – they way that appeals to children so well.
Flummox and Friends is a live-action comedy that helps kids (ages 6-12) navigate all the challenging, unspoken rules of social interaction. The show features three smart inventors, Professor Flummox, Milo and Wanda. They invent things designed to help them overcome challenges they encounter when interacting with their neighbors:  a bubbly chef and a self-absorbed adventurer. Their inventions are well-intentioned, but impractical or hilariously non-functional. When their designs fall short, the inventors and their friends come up with more sensible ways they—and the viewers—can navigate everyday social and emotional challenges.
As I watched my kids laughing their heads off during the the 25 minutes pilot episode, I noticed the clever way the educational messages were discreetly but effectively fed to them, under the mask of entertainment and hilarity.
Unfortunately, at the moment there is only one episode to watch online: The pilot episode .

I have no doubts there will be more, the question is when.

The answer to this question is down to us, parents, educators, therapists, bloggers and social influencers. This is why I am writing this blog post and urging you to go and watch it yourself. Watch it with the kids, if you have any, leave your feedback on site and share it with all your friends and social circles. So we can soon get to see more of this rare sort of TV show: educational and entertaining at the same time.

Watch episode here: The Party – in which, Suzie tries to throw a party for the gang at Flummox Labs, but things don’t go exactly as she expects when the party guests have trouble tuning in to the group. 

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