SKYE Footwear: The New Ultimate Sneaker-Boot Hybrid

Our guest blogger today has already been amazed when wearing a sneaker boot hybrid that only just launched on kickstarter and he want to share his experience with us: 

“Right from afar, the first thing anyone notices about you is your shoe! Not even your sunglasses or shirt but your shoes. Regardless of what you are wearing, nothing complements and win you compliments better than a shoe. Let’s rephrase; nothing complements and win you compliments like a Skye Footwear, it’s not just called the “New Ultimate” for calling sake, it’s the new ceiling of footwear.


Don’t ever sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, neither should you let go boot functionally for warmth. You can get it all from a footwear, you are not just looking enough. You are yet to try the New Ultimate Sneaker Boot Hybrid. This Skye Footwear is the bridge between a sneakers and a boot. If you love either of the two, you can get it all from one. There’s just a lot of packed into one Sneaker Boot Hybrid. Think of comfort, functionality and style all packed into one.

All it takes is one time of slipping on the New Ultimate Hybrid and you’ll even share the gospel of the footwear. Choose any style that suits you or let you style go along with the two. It’s not just about what the Sneaker Boot Hybrid can do to your feet but what it does to YOU! Bringing your style, swag and steppings to a whole new level. Get on with the future, be a part of the Skye Footwear New Untimate Sneaker Boot Hybrid revolution.