Fast, Easy and Delicious Recipes

Trying to include healthy ingredients in every day meals and make those meals enjoyable for each member of the family is not easy. Over time, my daughter declared herself vegetarian (who does actually eat bacon), my son a lactose intolerant with a passion for cheesecakes, my husband, a no carb dieter who finds that no carb meals are not filling enough, and myself, a … balanced diet enthusiast. Oh well, since I’m the one doing the cooking, and I’m not going to cook different meals for different members of the family, I found that some meals, regardless of whatever particularities, temporary or permanent, real of imaginary, that my family would declare, well, some meals simply go down well with everyone, despite containing, greens, meat, carbs, lactose, gluten and sometimes even green tea. On top of that they’re fast and easy.

Here are a few of them:


Pasta Carbonara with green vegetables and easy carbonara sauce

Easy pasta Carbonara Sauce with Greens

Quiche Lorraine fast and easy recipe

Easy Delicious Flan Recipe

cheesecake topped with forest fruit rich jelly

Forest Fruit Cheesecake – no baking

green tea in cooking, recipe for chocolate cake with green tea leaves or powder

Who’ll taste the green tea in this delicious rich chocolate slimming cake?