Reasons for Premature Skin Aging and the Solution

Who does not want to stay young and beautiful forever? I know I do. Sadly, though, we all know that this desire is a mere fantasy, for we all are bound to see changes in our appearances as time passes by. However, when it comes to some individuals, the deterioration in their skins and appearances is premature and there can be several reasons at work.

Below are some of the reasons for premature skin aging and their possible treatments:

Low Protein Diets

A fitness enthusiast will tell you that protein is one of the most important things needed for muscle growth. Most people do not know, however, that protein is essential for fresh and beautiful skin, as well. A diet rich in protein is necessary for the production of protein structures, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin fibers. These protein structures are essential to the fresh and radiant skin.

The diets of the youngsters, nowadays, are rich in carbohydrates for they consume excess quantities of sweets and starches. Such excess consumption levels of simple carbohydrates cause our skin to lose its elasticity, consequently, becoming rigid and loose.

To bridge over this problem, it is essential to consume adequate quantity of protein, in our daily lives, by eating protein rich foods. Eggs, almonds, chicken and fish are all excellent sources of protein. There are several other sources of protein (for vegetarians as well) that people can adhere to in order to keep their skins maintained and fresh.

Dry Skin

Individuals with skins that are naturally dry find their skins to be unbearably itchy and cracking, at times, especially in extreme climates and conditions. Normally, the skins of younger individuals tend to produce more oil, which keeps the skin hydrated, moist and healthy. However, in some cases, due to genetics or poor habits of individuals, the water binding structures of the dermis and epidermis undergo deterioration, causing the skin to become dry in the process.

If you wish to know, for sure, if you have dry skin or not, check out this skin type test.

Professional treatments of this dryness may include procedures like a series of hydrating peels and a monthly course of vitamin peels. There are drugs and medications that are commonly available, also, but it is imperative for them to not be used without a doctor’s prescription and advice. On the other hand, regular consumption of vitamins A and B is known to cure and prevent skin dryness while the use of certain kinds of skin moisturizers and seaweeds serve as effective home remedies, at times.

Sun Damage

In this day and age of climate change, the atrocity that the skins of most people fall victims to is that of the sun. The UV rays of the sun cause hyperpigmentation, which can give the skins of toddlers, youngsters and teens, alike, uneven skin colors and sun spots.

Since even toddlers can fall victims to these solar lentinges, the use of UVA and UVB protection sunscreens is, absolutely, imperative for people of all ages before exposure to the sun. Vitamin C and its derivatives are known to suppress hyperpigmentation and remove the existing one. In severe cases, though, the need of chemical peels and other professional procedures becomes imperative.

If you do not have a sunscreen handy in your home you can use coconut oil over affected area to reduce sunburn as it is composed of saturated fats and contain anti microbial properties.

Spot Treatments for Acne

Pimples and acne are, perhaps, the most common challenges that the skins of teens and young adults come up against. These problems, although natural, cause quite a stir when they are first discovered by a teenager on his or her cheek. In some cases, however, the distress that these pimples cause is so out of proportions that individuals decide to undergo spot treatments for their removal. But the problem with spot treatments, experts tell, is that they leave the skin dry, red and irritated, without doing much to solve the pimple crisis. That is why; it is advisable to refrain from spot treatments at all costs.

The best way to solve an acne problem is to use acne fighting cleansers or know more about proactive ingredients. They curb existing acne issues and prevent acne breakouts in the future, as well.

There can be a lot of reasons responsible for premature skin aging—inadequate sleep and smoking being a couple of others. It is important to note, however, that most problems can be avoided by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.