Detoxification or detox refers to the process of eliminating toxins, produced either internally from metabolic wastes or coming from external sources such food and environment, that get accumulated in the body over a period of time, giving rise to a host of diseases. Some of these few raw foods include: Whole fresh fruits and vegetables, Herbs and wild greens, Sprouted grains, pulses and seeds, Nuts soaked in pure water for 12 hours, Sea plants like Nori, Dulse, Kelp, Algaes, Foods dehydrated at room temperature so as to preserve life force, enzymes and nutrients, Herbal teas, preferably organic.

A diet comprised of 100% uncooked food when used for the purpose of detoxification of the body is referred to as a raw food detox diet.

A raw food detox diet primarily includes vegetarian or vegan foods, though sometimes meat and fish may be allowed too if one can manage to eat them raw. Such a diet promotes the elimination of harmful substances from the body through the body’s excretory organs like kidneys, bowel and skin.

Are you asking, why?

When your food is cooked in water, the water-soluble minerals are lost due to leaching, and it is more intense on addition salt while cooking, unless otherwise you use the leftover water for gravies or soups. Scientific studies have shown that many of the vegetables lose their antioxidant benefits when boiled.


When your food is heated to temperatures above 118 ºF (approx.48 ºC) for more than a few minutes:

  • a substantial amount of vital digestive enzymes and nutrients get destroyed
  • proteins get denatured and coagulated, causing deficiency of many amino acids
  • Fats when overheated result in the formation of carcinogenic substances.

It may even contain highly detrimental substances like acryl amides (read more), and for these reasons that a raw food diet has emerged as the favourite detox diet.


  • Feel rejuvenated and energetic, with increased stamina
  • Improved digestion, with stable blood sugar levels
  • Reduction in joint and muscle problems
  • Help you break your addiction to sugar, salt, alcohol and junk foods
  • Cleanse congestion and mucous from your body

To be factual when the body is fed with foods that are rich in life force, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, while at the same time being deprived of devitalized and toxin-laden foods, it gets into the self-detoxification and cleansing mode.