Put your socks on – without any help

The devices below feature handles to reduce bending and stretching discomfort for persons with back problems, using a wheelchair, or recovering from hip injury/replacement/knee surgery. Just click on the product that suits you to be taken to the details page where you can read about its features and more customers reviews.

Invacare Hip Assist Kit, Ib Hip Kit, (1 EACH)

Six-piece kit includes items that extend the reach of patients recovering from hip or back surgery. Offers freedom and independence to people with limited range of motion with products that make daily living tasks easier, such as bathing, dressing, and reaching for high items. Includes a mesh carry bag to store your hip assist kit. Includes: Sock Aid Reacher, 26″ Dressing Stick / Shoe Horn, 19 1/2″ Long Handled Bath Sponge, 22 1/2″ Long Black Elastic Shoe Laces, 1 Pair White Elastic Shoe Laces, 1 Pair Mesh Carry Bag :

Kinsman Terry Covered Sock Aid

“After hip replacement, a sock aid is a necessity. The Terry Cloth Sock Aid is wonderful, and easy to use, and friendly to nylons. I’d like to offer a little tip: when your toes reach the stocking toe, press your toes to the floor and hold them there so when the rest of the stocking is pulled on, your toes will not be too tightly encased”. – CUSTOMER REVIEW

Easy On / Easy Off Sock Aid Kit
Plastic molded Sock-Aid holds the sock open and allows the foot to be pushed into the sock. Once the sock is placed on the plastic form; it is lowered to the floor with the Easy Off Sock Doffer. The foot is inserted into the sock opening and as you push your foot forward, the Sock-Aid tilts to allow for ease of entry. The Easy-Off Sock Doffer is used to push your sock off, and with the use of your feet, you can tilt it to put your sock within reach. It can be used to remove light compression garments, as well.

 Sock Aid with Foam Grip

“This is better than the one I was given at rehab after my hip replacement. It has a wider cradle more suitable for a mans foot. It also has a foam grip under the toe section whicn makes it easier to keep the socks on the aid and to get the sock on your foot. Well pleased with the purchase” – customer review.


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  • Emma

    Ooh hehe as an occupational therapist I help people learn how to use this sort of stuff when they’ve been in hospital. Pretty cool to see someone blogging about it 🙂 xx

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