Purse Organizer Insert Reviews, CloverSac

Purse Organizer Insert Reviews, CloverSac

If you do not know what a purse organizer insert is, it is simply a small purse that you insert into your handbag to keep the things inside organized. CloverSac is a leading brand when it comes to Purse Organizer Insert. What makes purse organizers by CloverSac so popular for avid handbag lovers in the world when you can readily buy an unbranded one at Amazon for USD$3.99 is because CloverSac focus on three important areas in their design; are structure, weight and safety.

A structured purse organizer insert simply means that the purse organizer is able to stand on its own. Think of a structured purse organizer to be like a small box with many smaller compartments. To achieve this structured design, some purse organizer manufacturer use very stiff and thick fabric to design their purse organizer so that it is able to stand on its own. The problem by using thick and stiff material is it adds weight to it. CloverSac did that innovatively by having removable plastic cards that can be added on the two side walls and the bottom of its purse organizers. By adding these plastic cards into the purse organizer, it will turn the purse organizer from being unstructured to structure. A structured purse organizer not only makes it easy to reach for your belonging when placed inside your handbag, it also helps to add shape to your handbag.

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Safety is a key priority when CloverSac design its purse organizer insert. The safety we are talking about is whether the color dye on the purse organizers will transfer onto the interior surface of your expensive designer handbags when placed into it. CloverSac is probably one of first purse organizer manufacturer in the world that send their purse organizers to be tested by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) company, for color fastness test. Its purse organizer inserts passed the color fastness test by scoring 5 out of 5 for dry rubbing (ISO 105-X16). This simply mean under dry rubbing condition, the color dye on  CloverSac’s purse organizer will not transfer onto the interior of your handbags.

CloverSac not only design and manufacture purse organizer inserts, it produced many other handbag accessories like base shaper, dust bag, rain cover and handbag pillow shaper for designer handbags. To find out more, please visit http://www.cloversac.com