Professional Essay Writing: How to Pay Less?


One of the main problems of diligent students is that they are afraid to ask for help, as they think that it automatically makes them lazy or stupid. If you are one of them, please put aside your perfectionism and let professionals help you. The modern educational system isn’t perfect, and if you will listen to your common sense, you will understand that you don’t have to complete all the multiple essays your college assigns you on your own. But how do you choose a perfect academic writing company that will not cost you a fortune? This article is aimed to help you with this.

The diversity of prices and disciplines

Most of the time, the more you pay, the more qualified and professional assistance you receive. However, as a rule, students are not the most wealthy social strata, so let’s be realistic and try to find the best academic help among affordable sites. 

With this being said, we would like to warn you against using free essay banks. When you download a paper from such services, you can’t be sure of anything, as you receive no guarantees at all. Maybe the essay of your choice has been downloaded plenty of times by other students and it is already in the Turnitin database. Maybe it is a piece of text that was simply copied from Wikipedia. Maybe by downloading it, you will get a virus or a phishing program as a bonus. Don’t risk your grades and academic reputation like that. Your choice is an affordable custom writing service that will complete a paper according to your requirements and your budget. 

And, of course, it doesn’t matter how great a company is in a particular subject if it is not what you need. Some sites are focused on STEM disciplines, some of them are better in writing complex assignments, some of them are perfect in literature essays. Check out what a site offers to make a proper choice.

Look out for guarantees

When you pay for any service, you receive guarantees. Please, never order your papers from companies that don’t provide you with the following:

  • Money-back guarantee. If something goes wrong with your order or if you don’t get the quality you expected, you have the right to apply for a refund. This is how it should work. Don’t entrust your money to someone who doesn’t offer you a money-back guarantee.
  • Authenticity guarantee. When you order from an affordable custom writing service, you provide instructions and requirements for your paper. This means your paper has to be written from scratch. What is more, it has to be original and contain no traces of plagiarism. A no-plagiarism guarantee is a must when it comes to academic writing.
  • Privacy policy. Even though most writing services have a disclaimer that the papers they provide should be used as samples and shouldn’t be turned in without changes, educational institutions see them as a way to cheat only. To avoid the necessity to explain to your teachers that you’ve ordered an essay just to check out how your own writing should look like, don’t be caught.

Thanks to the GDPR and other ways to secure client’s confidentiality, modern sites can easily guarantee your privacy. Just make sure the company of your choice has thought about your safety and gives you a confidentiality guarantee.

After-sale service and support

In good companies, the service finishes with the absolute satisfaction of a client, and not with the payment. Make sure the academic writing site of your choice thinks the same by finding the contact information of their support team. The way a company communicates with its clients at the beginning says a lot about its future performance. Ask all the questions you have and make sure you get complete answers.

Another way some reliable cheap essay writing services e.g. AffordablePapers ensure the satisfaction of their clients is a free revision of papers provided. This means that if there is something in your essay you don’t like, you should be able to ask for an improvement, and if your instructions were not followed thoroughly, you can ask for amendments.

Proofs and testimonials

It is always better to learn from others’ mistakes. This is why we recommend you to check out testimonials previous clients have left on the website of your choice. It is a good sign if the company you decided to order from is presented on an independent feedback site (Trustpilot, for example).

It is also great if a company has some numbers that confirm its “we are the best” statement. How many years has the company been in the market? How many disciplines does it cover, and how many writers does it work with? What is the percentage of satisfied clients? Does it have proof that it delivers its papers on time? Find answers to these questions on the site and if you can’t, make sure to ask the support team about them.

Before you start your search for a perfect writing company, there is one thing we want you to remember: it is possible to get high quality essays for an affordable price. Just keep an eye on the indicators of a reliable cheap service that we’ve listed above.