Powering My Children’s Learning

 My 8 yr. old quotes Einstein!!! well, almost…

Got you with my laser!” growled our 6 year old daughter, waving her Little Princess bedroom flashlight in front of her brothers nose…so far so normal , a typical bedtime until…..”It’s not!” barked her 8 year old brother…”Laser light is parallel”… Where did you get that from I asked? “Albert Einston!” he confidently replied.

Digging deeper, I found out that the game he was playing on his laptop earlier, which to all the world (well me at least) looked like a regular platform game called Laser Challenge, is in fact a rather special game on a rather special website.


laser challenge

PowerMyLearning  is a website that works on many levels:

  • It’s a fun and entertaining site for kids from Kindergarten right through to 12th Grade
  • They genuinely learn, although they are not always aware of it
  • It supports and enhances their school work
  • It’s a great resource for parents and teachers
  • It is a ‘not for profit’ company –  it is so refreshing not to be assaulted by advertisements

 PowerMyLearning provides hundreds of educational activities for children and parents

Suitable activities can be found by simply setting the slider for your child’s grade year, though I strongly suggest including a grade or two higher as well – this is how my son learnt about lasers. Further selection can be made by specific subject in the simple to use panel below the slider. So the student can go directly to Math, Science, Arts or whatever they want or need to learn about.

Natural Learning

Play is the natural way to learn and is in fact common among all mammals to some degree More.

If you are a fan of the inspiring and fascinating TED.com as I am, you may have seen some of the great talks on education such as the surprising research by Sugata Mitra that children will very competently teach themselves given the right environment, or my favorite TED Talk of all, delivered so wonderfully by Sir Ken Robinson about just how vital it is to be open to what your child’s talents are.

A tool for teachers

The site also providers Teachers with the capability to create custom ‘playlists’ of activities which can be assigned to students and shared directly with other teachers via e-mail or social sites. Being web based the activities can be accessed anywhere at school or at home.

The content is specifically designed and selected to support the Common Core Standards for the education of children in the United States so you can be sure it is all relevant

Parents are engaged                 

Engaging with our children’s education is beneficial both academically and emotionally; providing an opportunity to bond with and support our kids. Having fun and interesting tools available can only make this easier.

As I have now linked my account to my sons account I can see what he is studying, this is a great way to open up conversation between us and share subjects that interest us both

As  parents, this site helps us get ahead of our children coursework which keeps them on their toes as dad and mom know what is happening at school and is great for letting you brush up on those long forgotten skills in anticipation of homework questions. In fact, I am learning as well as just today when I was browsing the site; I got interested in a short but very informative guide to Dark Matter!

 Education Revolution

Many of the Ivy League universities across the US and the world are now making their content available free online and the trend is growing These and other great resources like the Khan Academy  cater very well for older children and adults but no one catered for children under 18 until now…

 Not just another kid’s site

Discovering PowerMyLearning has definitely helped my kids and helped me to help my kids as well.

I can recommend this site to all parents, teachers and children. It’s encouraging to know that the leading foundations in America such as Kellogg’s and the Gates foundations awarded it $7million in funding last year, such is their belief in the benefits that CFY are bringing to education

power  my learning educational site for kids

 Disclosure: Although I have been handsomely compensated to write about PowerMyLearning, I wouldn’t have written a sponsored post for them if I wouldn’t have thought they absolutely rock or if my kids would’ve got bored with their educational games within a few days. In fact, it’s quite refreshing to hear my kids asking : “Mom, can I play on PowerMyLearning?” instead of “Mom, Can I watch some television? “. The site offers better than TV entertainment for kids and it’s helping them get smarter! What’s not to like about it?

Here you can find another tried and  tested and good educational resources online or you can watch a touching video on the importance of play in children’s lives.

Here’s another source of apps that will let your child explore a world of learning.