Pocket and Planet Friendly Home and Baby Care Products

Lately we’re all more aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals that most household cleaning products contain. We know that often what we put on our skin, although smells nice and may give us an immediate benefit, in the long run, harms our largest organ –  the skin.
Most importantly, we use the similar products on baby’s delicate skin. So we decide to go eco, plastic free, organic in a quest to save the planet but also ourselves. Once the decision is taken, we find that we’re comfronted with considerably bigger price tags for everything we buy hence the question: Where to find pocket and planet friendly home and baby care products that are not only effective, but unquestionably safe and eco friendly . And when it comes to fabrics used for clothing and bedding, the price vs quality dilemma is even more puzzling. Luckily, consumers have the power these days and share their opinions and review the products they buy. Fot instance here you can find the best baby pillows reviewed.

We all want to do our bit to save the planet from toxic waste and nasty chemicals. But here’s the environmental issues: many of us can’t afford to pay the premium price that some ecological home cleaning products cost. So we go back to the cheap stuff, that gets the job done. When it comes to our skin or to our babies skin, yes we do make wiser choices, we do go for the expensive stuff…however we shouldn’t have to pay quite so much to look after our families in a responsible way. And now we don’t have to because the market has plenty of offer that all families, their babies and their homes deserve because all people should afford to look after our environment by doing their bit: saying no  to cheap powerful, toxic chemicals  and buying instead equally effective, equally cheap but natural and Earth friendly products.

Just like me and thousands of other people, maybe you too have been wasting your money trying all sorts of cleaning products, only to discover that some ‘ecological’ products with a premium price weren’t that effective after all (here an ecological washing liquid that may have saved the planet a little but failed to take the stains out of my white top, comes to mind). When the busy schedule allows, I often make my own natural soaps and skin care products. Click here for the recipes. 

For the vast majority of my household needs, I still rely on amazon where the competition between different brands is tough and often the customer gets to make informed choices: here’re a few top picks from amazon for afordable ecological and organic products: