Pet Organizer

We’ve already seen what my favorite apps are, now it’s time for today’s guest blogger to share his thoughts on his latest find.

“As the owner of an elderly dog, and obviously wanting to keep him in perfect health, a Pet Organizer App is of utmost importance to me – and my dog !

To be perfectly honest, I actually didn’t have high expectation on finding one, However ….

One word for you – PetPal – The must have app for ANY pet owner.

This app is fabulous. it gives me Pet Health Reminders so I know exactly when my pooch needs his next pill, and it stores all my pets health history in a very organised fashion. It even has a weight diary, and, enables me to send any of this information directly to my vet – if necessary.

There is no limit to the amount of pets you can manage with this app. So those of you who feel like your home is somewhat of a zoo – have no fear help is at hand.

There is a photo gallery which coordinates all my pet pics beautifully, and yes, again I can share these very easily through the app with family and friends. (Not too sure how happy family and friends are about the ease of this!)

The “Find” function will tell you where your nearest pet food store is, pet shelter, vets etc. Which can be a life saver should anything unthinkable happen when you are out of town with your beloved pet.

But, it doesn’t stop there, the developers gives you a FREE online backup. So should your phone (or tablet) accidently fall down the loo, refuse all forms of resuscitation, and demand professional attention (yes my phone suffered such an incident!) All you precious data is safely stored until your phone is brought back to life – or you buy another one !!!

So, in short, if you have one pet, or many pets, Get PetPal. It will make your life a whole lot easier.