Parenting: What to Expect From Cradle and Beyond

Whether you’re expecting your first or your fifth, parenting is always full of surprises. From long nights to eating the unorthodox, doctors’ visits to kisses good night, parenting incorporates a little bit of everything. You’ll be a doctor, lawyer, babysitter, psychologist, firm hand, soft touch, and shoulder to cry on. That’s why we’ve put together a few things you have to look forward to from the cradle and beyond!

1. Long and sleepless nights.

You may think that your long, sleepless nights are over once the baby learns to slumber through to the morning. Wrong. Your sleep-deprived nights will likely last you the rest of your life – just not as frequently. Unexpected illnesses, broken limbs, lost stuffed teddies, bullying, heartbreak, the night before the rehearsal, and so much more, you will find that you spend more nights awake worrying about, and for, your child than pretty much anything and anyone else.

2. Tweens, teens, and technology.

As your child grows, they’ll want more freedom; more ways to feel like they can take care of themselves. This will inevitably involve technology. You’ll have to decide when it’s proper to allow them onto social media when they can have their own cell phone – monitored or not. You’ll have to find the balance between keeping them safe, allowing them freedom, and giving them reasonable access to their friends.

3. Driving, drinking, and responsibilities.

Soon you’ll find your child isn’t quite a child anymore. They’re driving, drinking, and taking on serious responsibilities – like their first jobs. This is a breathtaking time. There will be days that you never want to end – days when you watch them grow into the adults they’ll be. And days that you’ll wish never happened – when they’re coming to you with a problem that could have easily been avoided. You’ll have to keep in mind that this is their learning phase. They’re taking the training wheels off for the first time and seeing if they can ride – while you’re still there to catch them if they fall.

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4. The big day.

They’ve graduated, set their big life goals, and now they’re getting married. You’ll be busy planning, getting to know the in-laws, coping with the loss of your little child – and embracing the adult they’ve become. It’ll be one of the most bittersweet moments you’ll face as a parent. Enjoy every moment and never let it go. As your child is standing at the altar, in their proudest moment, their confession of deepest love, they will look to you and remember: You’re why they’re here. Your love, bravery, and encouragement.

5. Grandbabies and more.

As life moves steadily onward, you’ll get to experience the indescribable feeling of being a grandparent. You’ll learn to love in whole new ways; family vacations, big moves, and the possibility of great-grandbabies. This is a whole new world, one that can only be reached through having children. It’s an amazing time, one of true freedom. One of guidance. One of deep and unyielding love.

Life is unexpected. Life is wonderful. Life is scary. But life is always worth it. Especially with kids.