Outsourcing and finding people online to work for you from $5.

outsourcing creative jobs, finding people to do amazing work for you for $5

Thanks to the internet, more and more people choose to work independently or run their own businesses from their own homes. They are offering their best skills and best services for hire to  employers worldwide. Business owners are also shifting towards outsourcing services online as it turns out that it’s a lot cheaper and the service quality is a lot better.

One of these global outsourcing networks that I tried both as a buyer and as a seller is Fiverr.com.

I know the name ‘fiver’ implies cheap service and the work cheap makes one think of poor quality. But you’d be wrong to think so. Fiver is a highly competitive outsourcing marketplace for people offering their best skills and services for a small fee. The fees start at $5 but, depending on the volume of work, the experience and rating of the seller, the extras that can be added can go to over $65.

I’ve been spending hours online browsing through the multitude of jobs (aka gigs) on offer and I found this activity quite entertaining.

You can outsource loads of silly funny things  for $5 but also you can find really good value online services  that will help you and your business save time and money on getting the work done. Outsourcing photography, research, translations, marketing, social media marketing, bookkeeping, online services , data entry, article writing, guest blogging, advertising, presentations, design, reviews  you name it: chances are that there are hundreds of people on Fiverr offering to do it for you at prices starting from as little as $5.

However, based on my observations and experience as a seller, I have a few ‘Fiver’ do’s and don’ts   for  building successful and productive relationships with the sellers: 

Buyers’  Do’s:

  • Do spend some time browsing through as many as possible gigs related to your search.
  • Do give the newbie a chance: The newbies are the service providers who don’t yet have any feedback, any badge or any orders. They’re usually the ones who are trying the hardest to do the job to perfection at the smallest price because they’re desperate for positive buyer feedback.
  • Before you place your order, make sure that if there are any ambiguities that you ask questions and try to clarify them. This is better than having to cancel an order because you misunderstood the gig.
  • When you decide to order a gig, include as many specifications as you can. The seller is not a mind reader and you’ll help them deliver fantastic quality work by being as clear as possible about how you want the job done. This is particularly important when outsourcing creative writing and translation services: For example specify whether you prefer US or UK spelling, what is the target reader like, or do you need literal translation or you prefer an edited and natural sounding version?
  • Do use the sharing buttons. Did you notice the little icons at the top of the gig? Was the job done to perfection? Do let the world know where to outsource online work. Use the sharing buttons, thus further rewarding your seller for their hard work.

Buyers’ Don’ts

  • Don’t ask for and don’t give contact details. It’s against Fiver@ policies and it will get you and the sellers  into trouble.
  • Don’t haggle. The people doing the gigs, are real people with families trying to earn some cash to pay their rent or buy food. The competition is huge, whatever the service, so most sellers have dropped the price as low as possible whilst trying to offer the best online service so that they can get  your valuable positive feedback and rating! This means their hourly rate often drops  to under $5. So if you found a good seller willing to do the work for you to your exact specifications be sure that you’re the one who gets the best deal and and pay the asking price.
  • Don’t rush into negative feedback. If you’re not happy about how the gig was performed, communicate with the seller; tell them what you’re not happy about and what they can do to fix it. Obviously if the seller refuses to collaborate and put it right, don’t be shy: leave negative feedback so the rest of us can know what to avoid.
  • Don’t forget the feedback and spreading the word once the gig was completed to your exact specifications. Not only does good feedback help the seller get more orders, but also rewards them beyond the monetary value.

Online outsourcing  has never been easier or more affordable and building mutually profitable business relationships with real people from all over the world has never been so handy.

Don’t forget to pay me a visit on Fiver@ where I do some of my online work as an English – Spanish translator and  social media blogger and writer.

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