New hobbies to help young mums keep busy when their kids start school

If you are a stay-at-home mum and the teens have started school, it’s normal to feel like a small piece of you is missing or empty.

For several years, your sole priority has been to keep your youths entertained and stimulated. Once they’ve taken that step into the big wide world of school, it can leave young mums with a significant void to fill. Aside from the household chores, having some spare time for yourself should be embraced, but it’s important to fill that time with hobbies and activities – for your own sanity!

If you’re keen to stay active, motivated and out of a rut, this article is designed to shine a spotlight on the potential hobbies available to provide a much-needed sense of perspective and personal fulfillment every day.

Hobbies for the crafty young mum

If you are creative and have a flair for arts and crafts, why not enroll in a class? Activities such as painting and pottery can not only allow you to express yourself, they are also very calming and tranquil, allowing you some downtime away from the madness that is parenthood. You could also consider taking up knitting or sewing. Some young mums have been known to develop their own home-based business by selling clothes that they’ve hand-made.

Hobbies for the competitive young mum

You’ll soon discover, you can make way more than you need and then you can open an Etsy shop.

If you are someone that is driven and focused on personal improvement, you could consider learning to play a new musical instrument. Those keen to improve their mental wellbeing and self-confidence may also get a lot out of a gym or health club membership. If you are already looking to the future and thinking of returning to the world of work in the long term, you could enrol in a remote course to further your existing studies or take you down a completely different path.

If you’re someone that likes to be mentally challenged, you could take up cards and play poker either online or in a land-based poker room. Studies have shown that poker is good for your brain, helping to create new neural pathways that improve your problem-solving and decision-making. Undoubtedly the easiest and most popular game of poker to get to grips with is Texas Hold’em. These rules are adopted by all of the marquee tournaments around the world.

Hobbies for the tech-savvy young mum

Do you consider yourself a “millennial mum”? If you are tech-savvy and have a keen interest in technology and the online world, you could try your hand at various online hobbies. You could follow our lead and set up your own personal or professional blog. If you’ve always had a knack for snapping the best photos, you could start learning more about photography. Or if you prefer to use your hands to create useful beautiful things, why not try diving into the art of soap making.

If you have the confidence and personality to work in online media, you could start your own podcast. Who knows, it could be a route into a paid role in the future, or you may find that you can monetize your online hobbies yourself!

There is no doubt that spending some time focusing on number one is healthy. In today’s modern world, it can be easy to feel like you are losing your identity as a mother. Finding a suitable hobby can not only help you pass the time until the school day has finished, but it can also help you feel in control of your life once again.