Photography Cash

Big sized wooden hands sculpture, from the Lake District.

 Are you a photographer looking for a place to promote and sell your images?

Would you like to earn some cash from your photography hobby?

Have you got some high quality photographs lying around in your photo library and want to share them with people willing to pay per download?   If the answer to any of this is ye, here’s  where one can turn a photography hobby into a photography business:

Blend hard work with creativity and you could be the next photographer to quit their day job.

Taking high quality and high resolution stock photos has never been easier:

  1. Go out looking for subjects or stay in if you prefer, but make sure you take those photos in high-quality and high resolution.

  2. Upload them to a stock website and then wait for people to buy them (for use in magazines, websites, design, blogs, invitations and so on)

Buyers are after all different types of stock images – from backgrounds and textures to people, food and concepts. These photos can be bought and used for advertising, websites, blogs, presentations, video productions, podcasts and more. My advice would be to try out different styles of stock photos, see which one you enjoy the most, and become an expert photographer on that field.

Be warned that selling stock as a  beginner, will be frustrating to start with. Many stock photo websites have a high standard, and you may need to brush up on various aspects of your photography before you start seeing success! But, every lot of photos that you upload and comes back as rejected is a free lesson in photography. I learned so much from every rejection, and when I eventually got one photo accepted, I was over the moon. Little by little the balance will shift and you’ll get more photos accepted than rejected. It’s fun, motivating and at the moment for me … pays some pocket-money. I tried many stock photos websites but I eventually settled for this one as it is free and they accept or reject your photos, with plenty of justification, very promptly. (2 days)

Click on the link below to have an inspirational browse, register and start uploading.

P. S .I must mention that I don’t own a professional camera, It’s only a Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR Digital Camerabut it did the job for 3 years now. I am considering moving forward in the photography world and get some better gear. Any thoughts and suggestions on the themes are most welcome.

I wish you all best of luck and please leave your feedback or ideas…